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7 Things You Need to Stop Doing to be More Productive

7 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Be More Productive

Everyone wants to bring out their productivity game on top, even if they don’t say it out loud. When you’re productive, you have a sense of direction and the freedom to try new things. By enhancing your relationships and pushing you to work smarter, not harder, productivity may improve the quality of your life.

In other words, productivity is essential for a happy, healthy, and prosperous existence. It’s not always about what you should start doing when you want to attain a goal; sometimes it’s about what you should stop doing.

We are not saying that the work that you are putting in right now isn’t good. Our aim is to bring to you the right answers to How to Do Work – How Not To, Things to Work on.

Dive in and learn the 7 Pro Tips of things you must avoid doing that hamper your Productivity. Be productive.

1. How to Do Work: Pay Attention to Your Ultradian Beat

In the list of things to work on this comes first, after 90-120 minutes of doing something, everyone suffers a natural slump in productivity. This time is known as the ultradian rhythm, and it is extremely powerful. It’s advisable to take a break when your ultradian rhythm cycles rather than trying to “push through” mental exhaustion. For up to 20 minutes, get up, walk around, and do something else.

You might even want to take a nap if you work for a business like NASA, AOL, or – not surprisingly – Google, which all have napping rooms or policies. Return to your original task with increased energy, creativity, and focus after your break or some power shut-eye.

2. Things to Work on You Don’t have to Check Your Social Media Accounts Every Hour

Are you one of the millions of people that keep their social media accounts active on their phone, tablet, laptop, or computer? Doing so is a tempting nuisance, and you’ll end up squandering hours each day watching cat videos, seeing penguins at the zoo. This is something that should be at the top of your Things to Work On List. Make a deal with yourself to just check your social media accounts once or twice a day, rather than allowing them to consume all your time.

For one Citrix Vice President, spending time with individuals as humans rather than avatars on a screen was extremely beneficial. He discovered that relationships formed in the “real world” were not only more fulfilling than those formed on social media but also created a greater sense of support.

3. How to not Say “Yes” to Everything and Everyone

Are you a man or woman who always says yes? It’s time to reconsider your approach to being asked to accomplish something. While you may not always be able to say “no” to your boss, spouse, or friends, you do have some control over the decisions you make during the day. You can use the scientifically proven Pareto Principle by just saying “no”. According to the Pareto Principle, 20% of efforts create 80% of results. On the other hand, 20% of results need 80% of work. Spend 80% of your time on what matters, not on what doesn’t. This is how to do work and not give away your valuable time.

4. Things to Work On: Stop Trying to Do Everything Individually

Sure, bragging about how you’re “doing it all” can be exciting, but there’s no excuse to attempt to be superhuman. Without assistance, you will eventually fail — badly. If delegating is difficult for you, remember that the old phrase “many hands make light work” applies to all areas of life.

Do you require any assistance? This book, Hidden Value: How Great Companies Achieve Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People, can be borrowed or purchased at the Harvard Business School Press. Author Charles O’Reilly offers advice on how to start the process if you’re apprehensive about or unfamiliar with delegation.

Reach out for help; you might want to start looking for places where others can perform the activities you’re now performing. Allow yourself more time to work on other projects and raise productivity.

5. How to Do Work: Give Up on Being Perfect

This one is how to not pressurize yourself. Let’s get one thing straight: you’re not perfect, and you shouldn’t pretend to be. This is illustrated by a study published by University Affairs. Professors who were perfectionists had lower production levels than those who understood that they were simply human, according to the study. The story concludes that most of the time, being good is sufficient.

Besides, Google has had a lot of success developing executives who aren’t top university students. That is significant. This is another prime example of things to work on.

6. Things to Work On: Don’t Be too Pessimistic

To your how-to do work query this is important. Are you someone who sees the glass as half-empty… or empty? While a bit of pessimism is understandable, too much of it will stifle your style and prevent you from reaching your objectives. According to Japanese scientists, thinking negative thoughts tints our reality with pessimism and makes it more difficult to achieve achievement.

So start looking through a fresh lens, and revel in your fresh perspective on life, work, and everything else. “Winners positively evaluate themselves and seek for their strengths while they seek to solve weaknesses,” observed sales expert Zig Ziglar.

7. Things to Work On: Quit Being so Preoccupied All the Time

When we think of how to do work, it is important to pay attention to this pointer. According to a Harvard study and scientific data, spending time alone is more crucial than we previously imagined. The idea, dubbed “The Power of Lonely” by a Boston Globe writer, says that people remember time spent alone more vividly. It’s time to do some soul-searching to figure out who you truly are and what you want to accomplish “when you grow up.”

Brigid Schulte found time to write Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time when she slowed down. Schulte demonstrates how doing less may be liberating and advises it to everyone who genuinely wants to succeed.

7 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Be More Productive

Productivity is a major requirement to get your life together. How to Do Work and How Not to can take you a long way. Follow these steps one at a time.

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