A One-Stop Payouts Solution For All Businesses!


Payouts is the go-to solution for businesses looking to seamlessly pay Partners/Vendors/Customers, with full control over transactions and a simplified reconciliation and settlement process.

Premium Bank Partners

Multiple Payouts Account Settlements
in One Click!

SabPaisa Payouts settles Multiple-payments in One click. Experience 100% Verified Payouts every time.

Real-time Transaction Updates

Get access to real-time updates & reports for every Payout and take complete control over every Payout. Miss no activity with your advanced Admin Dashboard.

Initiate Payouts from your Own Account

Merchants can execute payouts directly from their own accounts.

No Blocked Funds

Merchants do not need to deposit money in the aggregator’s account or a third party wallet.

Robust security with Bank Validations

Secured bank validated transactions. Validate Bank accounts before settlements to improve your Payouts security and confidentiality.

Providing Money Transfer API for all Businesses

What Our Customers are Saying?

One Dashboard for Instant Payouts and to Manage all your Payouts

We are a Money transfer API provider that also offers a comprehensive dashboard for complete control over payments.

Hassle-free Payment Collections with Maximum Payment Modes

One Powerful Payment Gateway, For Secure Offline & Online Transactions!


Accept payments from your customers through credit cards and debit cards
on Sabpaisa payment gateway.


Accept payments from your customers through credit cards and debit cards
on Sabpaisa payment gateway.

Net Banking

Accept payments from your customers through credit cards and debit cards
on Sabpaisa payment gateway.


Accept payments from your customers through credit cards and debit cards
on Sabpaisa payment gateway.


Accept payments from your customers through credit cards and debit cards
on Sabpaisa payment gateway.

Bank Transfer

Advanced Bank Security

Bank account validation before settlement. With every beneficiary added, the bank account validation process adds an extra layer of security.

SSL Secured

Visa Verified

Powered by AWS (Amazon Web Services) for improved and highly secure infrastructure for payments

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Advanced Money Transfer API Provider

Easy API integrations for adapting any application.

Payment Gateway Link

Just pass some parameters and get the Payment Gateway Link in response

Secured Payment Links

Encryption/Decryption functions defined in source codes. Make your platform and payments secure with Encryption/Decryption.

Easy Integration

Best support for Integration

Providing Payouts solution for all Businesses

Partner with the leading Money Transfer API provider in the Industry

User Management

Improved UI/UX Admin dashboard. All in one dashboard for all your business payouts.

Real-time Updates

Get real-time updates and status of all Transactions/ Total Balance.

Complete Dashboard

A centralised dashboard for real-time reports and updates on the transactions.

Powerful API Suite

Easy payout API integrations for adapting any application.

Whitelisted IP for Txns

Whitelisted IP for transaction validation and Bank account validation before settlement.

Robust Security

Get unbeatable security at SabPaisa – PCI DSS Compliance, SSL Security, Visa Verification, and AWS-powered infrastructure for protected transactions.

India's 1st Payouts Aggregator- 'Pay apne Account se'

Quick & Easy integrations available with the source code/SDK/Sample code for different language/platform.

GO LIVE in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any question? We are here to help.

With SabPaisa you get unmatched benefits that suit all your needs. Some benefits are listed below:

  1. Maximum Online & Offline Modes
  2. Top Notch Security
  3. Advanced API
  4. Easy Integration
  5. One Integration for Online/Offline Payments
  6. Best in class Support
  7. One of the Highest Success Rates

SabPaisa charges according to industry standards for its services. 

For PG- It depends on the merchant’s industry and business volumes.

For Subscriptions- Nominal fee for mandates and transactions as per industry norms and as agreed with the merchant

For Payment Links- Nominal fee, as agreed with the merchant.

For Payouts- Nominal fee, as agreed with the merchant.

To Signup, visit https://sabpaisa.in/sign-up/, fill in your details and our team will get in touch with you at the earliest. 

Ecommerce, Education, Insurance, Insurtech, NBFC, Lending, Micro Lending, Trading, Gaming.

  • Payment collection through Payment Gateway.
  • Auto payment collection through Payment Links even without a website.
  • Collect recurring payments through the Subscription Platform.

SabPaisa Payout is a money transfer API that provides multiple payment modes for payout like IMPS, RTGS, and NEFT.

No, the payment experience is not customisable as per the merchant’s website’s look and feel at this point.

1) No Blocked Funds
2) Real-Time Schedule Payouts
3) Pay from your account.

SabPaisa Payment Gateway is governed by the Payment and Settlement Act of RBI and payments are done to merchants within RBI prescribed TATs.

We provide a dashboard to every merchant, wherein they can do the following:
– View/download transactions with date range updated in real-time including offline modes like cash, NEFT, RTGS etc.
– View/download settlements daily
– Transaction-based enquiry
– Create payment links
– Can also see abPaisa’s updated product catalogue 

To ensure that all our merchants/clients are given 100% attention, SabPaisa assigns every merchant a dedicated Account Manager to handle any payment related issues.

SabPaisa uses the HTTPS extension that protects the integrity and confidentiality of data for secure connections. We are also PCI-DSS certified and adhere to RBI guidelines of data privacy.