SabPaisa (SP) is India’s 1st superaggregating collection and settlement techosystem. We partner with banks and payment companies to help businesses collect money from their customers smoothly, and get realtime reconciliation and reports, whether online or offline. Know the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the SabPaisa platform.

Merchants: Single integration for any and all payment modes; Realtime reconciliation and reports for both online and cash collections; Realtime settlement; Online form based solutions for fee, bill, donation collection (integrated with collection platform) Banks: Fee Income, Float Income, Ease of merchant acquisition and retention Payment Partners: Fee Income, Ease of merchant acquisition End consumer: Choice of any and all payment modes, online or cash; Largest chain of retail outlets for cash/cheque payment

SabPaisa charges a nominal transaction/convenience fee for every successful transaction.
If you are a business or an organization wanting a integrated payment platform that gives you all types of payment options, both online and cash/cheque, write to us at [email protected]  
SabPaisa stores card number, cardholder name and card expiry date. We do not store your card’s CVV number or 3D Secure password.
SabPaisa can be used by the end-consumer for making any payment, whether online or offline.
Depending upon requirements, with SabPaisa the end-consumer can pay via every single mode of payment including online: Debit/Credit cards, Netbanking, RTGS/NEFT, IMPS (coming soon), MVisa (coming soon), Wallets. Cash/cheque : Through branches of our partner banks and retail counters whose numbers are in lacs spread across India.
SabPaisa offers almost all the leading banks’ Net-banking services from its platform. Collection would be hassle free for you and paying experience for your customers.
Yes, Legitimate international payments can be done by via platform through our partners.
Absolutely! SabPaisa is coming up with a mobile app soon on which the end-consumer can avail many of SabPaisa services.
SabPaisa provides multiple API’s to its payment/collection/settlement partners. If you want to become a SabPaisa client or partner, please contact [email protected] 
No, We do not support partial refunds.
Once you have shared all the requisite documents, it usually takes 4-5 working days to go-live. The technical integration is super easy and depending upon the partner/client can be completed in just a couple of days.
We are working to make the user experience customizable as per your website’s look and feel and should be ready very soon, within a couple of months. We also offer white labelling for our products to partners on a case-to-case basis.
If you are a SabPaisa partner bank, funds get directly transferred to our nodal account with you.If you are a SabPaisa client, depending upon your agreement with us, all funds will be settled to your preferred bank account within 1-3 working days of the date of transaction.
You will get access to a secure SabPaisa Dashboard where you can lookup all your transactions using multiple search criteria. You can download detailed transaction reports based on these search filters. You will also receive daily settlement reports containing transaction-level breakup of the funds transferred by SabPaisa into your bank account.
For Merchants we have Account Managers to resolve support/queries/issues. For payers, any queries/complaints can be sent to [email protected]

We are PCI DSS certified.

SabPaisa is a payment/collection solution from SRS Live Technologies Pvt Ltd. which adheres to all data privacy laws while dealing with merchants and users. All merchant and user transaction data, Card information and payment processing systems will reside in a PCI – DSS certified environment, where such data is kept confidential under all circumstances. In addition, SabPaisa and our other products comply with all applicable laws, including The Information Technology Act, 2000 and the relevant rules under the Act.

The documents required for signing up with SabPaisa consists: Documents of your legal entity (E.g. Company Pan Card, Current Account Statement) KYC (Know your customer) documents of the promoters. (E.g. Identity proof, Address proof) The exact documentation may vary according to the type of legal entity (Pvt. Ltd., Proprietorship, Partnership, NGO/Trust) and your business model. You can find the detailed list below:

  1. Companies
  2. KYC Documents
  3. Partnership
  4. LLP
  5. Proprietorship
  6. NG0-Trust-Socities
Absolutely! You can test your API integration with us from your staging or local dev environments using our Sandbox. Our Sandbox gives you the flexibility to simulate all possible Success/Failure transaction response and User experience scenarios. The best part is, once you have successfully integrated with our Sandbox, you do not require any additional code change or development effort to go-live. You just need to replace the Test MID & API security keys with the Live MID & keys, and you are good to go live.
Service Tax and applicable cess can be ‘inclusive’ or ‘exclusive’ depending on client who intends to collect money through our platform.
We can be reached 24X7 via mail addressed to [email protected] and via calls at 011-41733223 between 10.30 AM till 6.30 PM on weekdays. We shall be happy to address your queries/concerns. Get in Touch !