B2B e-collect

India’s 1st Virtual Account Number enabled B2B collections solution

B2B e-collect is India’s first B2B collection solution that enables businesses to collect payments from their partners/dealers/agents through a Virtual Account Number (VAN) with prior validation.

Banking Partners

Grow your B2B Payments with India’s First B2B Collections Solution

Virtual Account Number for every B2B Transaction

Virtual Account number (VAN) for every transaction, specific to merchant’s requirement, makes the payment even more secure and manageable.

Single Dashboard for all B2B Payments

A single dashboard for VAN reports across multiple bank accounts; access reports from multiple/single bank accounts in a single place; no worries of managing multiple dashboards.

Third Party Verification

Only B2B payment collections platform that offers Third Party Verification for online and offline transactions.

Multiple and Single VAN based on Merchant’s Requirement

Multiple VAN for multiple accounts and single VAN for single bank account, for all types of payments; regular, as and when, and recurring.


Developer-friendly Payment Gateway

Integrate, Customise & Run!

  1. Pre-set Source codes for Encryptions/ Decryptions. Make your transactions more customized & Secured as you wish with Encrypt/Decrypt features.
  2. Industrial-grade Integration support & Flexibility to adjust your customisations.
  3. One integration kit for all languages for faster and easier integration.
Payment Gateway Code


B2B Payment Reconciliation using Virtual Account Numbers

Quick and Easy Integration

Quick and easy integration with robust system, by integrating SabPaisa Payment Gateway 


Third Party Verification for Online and Offline Payments

Third Party Verification for online and offline (NEFT/RTGS) transactions


Multiple and single VAN feature

Multiple/Single Virtual account number for multiple/single bank accounts based on the merchant’s requirement


Customer Support

Quick and easy customer support for integration, onboarding, and any other transaction queries


Top Notch Security

Virtual Account Number ensures, payments are secure and transparent, providing businesses real-time transaction updates


Real-time Tracking

Track real-time payments status, with greater visibility and control of transactions on a single dashboard.


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Need a Payment Gateway urgently? You are Just a click away!

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