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7 Hacks to Kick in Your Highest Productivity

7 Hacks To Kick In Your Highest Productivity

You’re seated at your desk, getting ready to get to work. Since the deadline is just two days away, you’ve canceled all your plans. A tiny notification window pops up in the bottom-right corner of your screen just as you start typing: your best friend messaged you on Facebook. The whole message isn’t visible, but it concludes with a few laugh emojis. You have to open it because you know it’s hilarious…

You’re on your fourth random insane video of stubborn babies on walks after 30 minutes.

You start freaking out as you check your watch. “How do you need to get out of this situation.”

We took care of it.

A variety of methods are available to increase productivity, some of which work better than others depending on individual aptitude, working styles, and focus modes. Have you ever wondered how giants and geniuses accomplish their feats? We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 productivity hacks from accomplished professionals and entrepreneurs to show you that you, too, can succeed.

Highest Productivity Hacks

1. Make a List of Your Triumphs

Keep a running tally of your victories as you go about your day. That may mean completing a study, doing well in a meeting, or making progress toward a goal. Each victory you add to your list will increase your productivity to complete tasks. When your list of wins grows longer, so will your desire to add to it.

There are many explanations for this, but below are a few of the most compelling:

Pay attention: The win list helps you to stay focused on the good aspects of your life. It generates positive energy when we think about it, discuss it, or even write it on a whiteboard. It’s important to share: It helps to drive people away from negativity when we share our victories. It promotes a more positive attitude among the entire team. Outcomes: It is frequently necessary to adjust our attitude to change our outcomes. A win list satisfies all these requirements.

2. Manage Your Inbox

How do you start working without distractions if you come into work every day and your inbox is filled with calls, work requests, and memos?

You should have a to-do list in your inbox. Something that doesn’t need you or anyone else to take action should be tucked away. We shouldn’t be living daily by email, and the only way to avoid it is to stick to a strict schedule. You should check your emails at various times during the day. Make sure such alerts are turned off as well, as you don’t want your workflow to be disrupted.

Your inbox doesn’t have to be a never-ending list of emails; depending on the email client you use, such as Gmail, outlook, or mail, a plethora of tips and tricks for organising your inbox so you don’t waste time sifting through all the things you’ve been meaning to unsubscribe from. Go through your emails and create filters to direct them to the proper folders.

3. Experiment with Music to Find Your Unique Rhythms

Is there something more important in human culture than music? Music can affect our mood by waking us up, lulling us to sleep, and reviving our exhausted bodies. Music can be used to be productive. It has the potential to motivate us to do more.

Music boosts productivity, according to scientific reports. Music induces a “positive mood change and improved perspective on design while working,” according to Dr. Teresa Lesiuk’s research at the University of Windsor in Canada. While her assertion is right, it does not seem to be as easy as flipping on the radio and listening to whatever song is playing.

Listening to songs with a tempo of 121bpm or higher increases our efficiency, according to a 2009 report.

4. Make Your Travel Time Useful

For the vast majority of people, their everyday commute takes a lot of time. Did you know that a one-way commute in India takes an average of 26.1 minutes? It’s important to figure out how to make the most of this period and remain productive.

You can make the most of your commute by using Pocket to curate off-line news, carrying a book, checking your email (but not responding), downloading podcasts, making a call, meditating, or learning a language.

5. Use Shortcuts to Speed up Your Typing

We are all addicted to computers and technology, and while some drawbacks, they largely simplify our lives. There are several keyboard shortcuts for typing, flipping between programs, and manipulating document formatting.

For example, use Shift + arrow keys to jump through your text, Control + F to find words and phrases you like, undo and redo shortcuts — Control + Z and Control + Y — to quickly fix errors, and Control + S to save your document so you never miss your job!

6. Work on the Task at Hand

Begin a project.

Complete it.

After that, move on to the next.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your productivity, this is one to remember! It’s a ridiculously easy productivity hack that makes a big difference in how much you can accomplish.

When you have a lot of things to do during the day, ‘chunking’ is a good time management technique to avoid multitasking. The idea behind chunking is to set aside chunks of time to concentrate on one particular task while avoiding interruptions. And to group related tasks together (for example, checking all email immediately rather than during the day) so that you can focus on them all at once during that chunk of time. This reduces the time spent hopping from one task to the next, resulting in time savings as long stretches of the day are spent with greater concentration and productivity.

Make sure you complete a job before continuing with something else. You’re piling up laundry in your head if you don’t.

7. Opt for Middle Route

Doing your best is a positive thing, but becoming a perfectionist to an unhealthy degree can backfire. It causes one to spend more time on a single task than is necessary. This may affect the other activities, preventing the overall target from being met.

Eat Pray Love is the #1 New York Times bestselling novel by Elizabeth Gilbert gave us a very vital productivity hack:

“I abide by Goethe’s rule: ‘Never hurry, never rest.’ I never go into crazy fugue states, but I don’t ever stop, either. I’m a plough mule. I’m very disciplined, and I have great regard for deadlines — usually my own.[Our mother] … taught us not to become perfectionists, which is where a lot of procrastination and time-wasting occurs. Nothing is less efficient than perfectionism. Her great adage, which I still adhere to, was: Done is better than good.”

Did you make it to the bottom of the list of productivity hacks? Congratulations on your achievement!

What do you think of these game-changing productivity hacks? Do you think you’ll be able to put these productivity hacks into practice? We recommend that you take it slowly and carefully, one hack at a time.

Stop multitasking because your brain is exhausted from all the switching and rushing, and it could use some motivational music to help it work more efficiently. Organize your tasks in a logical order and complete identical tasks simultaneously. Remember to take frequent breaks, but keep in mind that Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram are not soothing! When you’ve finished working, you’re done! Do something that makes you happy and devote your time and energy to someone you care about—and the world will be a better place as a result.

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