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8 Evergreen TED Talks For Every Entrepreneur

8 Evergreen TED Talks For Every Entrepreneur

Awaken the entrepreneur in you! Innovate, motivate and empower

What does it take to be an entrepreneur? What motivates you towards your dream? The previous three decades have witnessed a wonderful change in the way ideas take birth. As a result, these ideas brought in innovation, motivation and encouraged individuals to be successful entrepreneurs. TED Talks is one of the platforms that is a repository of ideas for any entrepreneur.

TED talks commenced in the year 1984 with the slogan ‘Ideas worth spreading’. Therefore, TED Talks offer inspiring videos of ideas from multiple platforms across the world. The topics span across technology, education, business, culture, sports and so on. Several experts present their ideas for 20-30 minutes. For instance, with the help of the storytelling technique, idea propagation happens in a creative and visually appealing fashion.


8 Evergreen TED Talks For Every EntrepreneurReady to put on the entrepreneur cap? Ready to give vent to your ideas? If so, this is the right platform for exploring yourself.

In this article, I will take you through the eight sought after TED Talks of all times. In other words, If you are an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur, get ready to kindle your entrepreneurial spirit to unusual heights. Also, learn the tips of innovation and creativity from seasoned entrepreneurs.

 1. Simon Sinek’s take on a real entrepreneur: How great leaders inspire action

What makes a great leader? It’s not about the power, neither is it about the position. On the other hand, it’s about one’s ability to inspire others.

In this inspirational TED Talk of 18 minutes duration, Simon Sinek touches upon the golden circle of ‘Why?, How?, What?’ to explain a leader’s quality to inspire his team. Above all, successful organizations have focused more on the ‘Why?’ aspect. Great leaders convey their beliefs and ideas surrounding their venture in a cogent and persuasive way. In doing so, they motivate the team to work with a purpose transcending the sole end results. Hence, if you want to be an accomplished entrepreneur, these simple hacks are a must in your wishlist.

Simon Sinek is a motivational speaker, author, and organizational consultant. His notable book includes Start with Why

2. Shawn Anchor: The happy secret to better work

A wonderful take on why happiness is the key to long term work productivity and satisfaction. For instance, IQ determines just 25% of one’s work productivity. In other words, its EQ determines your real success in any endeavor. Shawn Anchor emphasizes that one needs to come out of the medical school syndrome to see things through a different lens.

Therefore, real happiness lies in bringing about a creative and positive change in one’s personality. Some simple techniques are:

  • Random acts of kindness
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Journalling


Shawn Anchor is an author and an ardent speaker of positive psychology. Happiness advantage is his popular work.

3. Daniel Pink on motivated entrepreneur: The Puzzle of Motivation

The traditional carrot-stick approach is outdated in the present-day work environment setup. In other words, the higher incentive approach does not necessarily translate to higher work productivity. To clarify, Daniel pink explains this concept beautifully with the analogy of a candle.

As a solution to this candle problem, Daniel Pink puts forth the Autonomy-Mastery-Purpose approach. Significantly, this approach entails no clearcut stringent rules. In other words, autonomy sparks creativity leading to mastery of work principles. Going ahead, it brings in more purposeful organizational work set-up.

On the whole, extrinsic motivators like money have outlived its utility in the workplace. Intrinsic motivators like creativity, autonomy, and innovation are the need of the hour.

Daniel Pink has penned down the New York Times Bestselling book The Drive

4. Julie Burstein‘s tips for the entrepreneur in you: Lessons in Creativity

Creativity is the primary hallmark of an entrepreneur. Significantly, Julie Burstein explains this from the perspective of a Japanese tea-bowl. According to her, hurt, imperfections and dejections are necessary to unlearn old habits. One can embrace change only with an open mind. While the scars look terrible, the learnings are valuable and lifelong.

With the help of stories of great personalities like film-maker Mira Nair, entrepreneur Richard Ford, etc, she explains how they embraced change and kindled the creative spirit in them. Overall, it is an inspirational watch for a lifetime.

Julie Burstein is an author, speaker, and radio producer. Her best selling book is Spark: How Creativity Works.

5. Cameron Herold: Let’s raise kids to be better entrepreneurs

Peter Drucker rightly says that ‘Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art, it’s a practice.’
Cameron Herold explains the above philosophy with the help of his life experiences. As a child, he was very curious and experimental. Hence, curiosity made him take up par time jobs like collecting scrap bottles, cutting grass, etc. He explored multiple ways to put his innovative ideas to test. In doing so, he had his dad’s full support and encouragement. Eventually, this gave rise to the entrepreneur in him from a very young age.

Cameron Herold is an author and speaker. He is the author of the best seller ‘Double Double’.

6. Ammy Cuddy: Your body language may shape who you are

The talk emphasizes the right body language to shape one’s personality. While doing so, comparison across the human and the animal field brings in various analysis points.

According to Ammy Cuddy, an effective leader showcases different levels of body language. Standing in a posture of confidence is key to success in both the personal and professional arena. Most significantly, this process is majorly driven by one’s non-verbal expression of power and dominance. With the help of her personal, touching story, Ammy Cuddy succeeds in building a positive connection with the audience.

Amy Cuddy is an author, speaker, and social psychologist. Her best selling book is Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges.

7. David Pogue’s hacks for every entrepreneur: Ten top time-saving tips

Have you ever spent hours together correcting a document? Did you wish you knew some simple tips to quicken the process? That’s exactly what is in store in this TED Talk.

The focus of the TED Talk is on some life-saving technology hacks. The speaker David Pogue explains ten tips in a precise and efficient manner.

The gist of the hacks are:

  • Space bar to scroll through the pages
  • Tab key for navigation while filling in the form
  • Avoiding pop-up menu to scroll through a menu list, instead type in the name
  • Do not delete unwanted text in a document, just overwrite it
  • Pressing space bar twice to end a sentence  


David Pogue is a seasoned technology columnist.

8. Elizabeth Gilbert’s inspiration hub for every entrepreneur: Success, Failure and Drive to keep creating

A persuasive talk by the author of Eat, Pray, and Love, Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk comes from the bottom of her heart. The talk revolves around following one’s heart for success in life. Elizabeth Gilbert narrates her trials and tribulations while growing as an author. A mix of both success and failure is necessary to keep one grounded. Passion is the ultimate driving force that guides us in identifying the worthiest thing we love. Our home should be built around a passion for lifelong happiness and satisfaction. Passion is the difference between having a job or a career.

Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of the best selling book Eat, Pray and Love.

I hope that entrepreneurs, as well as budding, entrepreneurs have benefitted from the above list to a great extent.

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