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Stress-free productivity hacks for entrepreneurs

Say goodbye to stress, say hello to productivity


Are you an entrepreneur?

Are you working hard?

Have you been looking for perfection?

Have you been sweating hard?

If so, stress has taken over you.

It’s time for some course correction to put your entrepreneurial life back on track.

It is a common misconception that entrepreneurs lead a comfortable and stress-free life due to owning their business. On the other hand, entrepreneurs face multiple challenges ranging from finances, hiring employees to daily decision making. This takes a huge toll on the health of an entrepreneur eventually leading to stress.

Stress is a human body’s physical, mental or emotional response to a challenging situation. However, stress is a normal part of human life. Hence, stress management is pivotal for the smooth balance of one’s personal as well as professional life.

In the course of this blog, I will take you through some time tested techniques to toss the stress out of the window. Moreover, these simple hacks are applicable to both entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs alike.

1. Wake up with gratitude


Wake up with gratitude
Gratitude brings in greater productivity and peace of mind

Every morning when you wake up, fill up your mind with positive thoughts. Thank God for all the blessings in your life. Pray for the well-being of all the living and non-living beings of the world.

This practice helps in bringing positivity energy and keeps you peaceful throughout the day. When you are grateful in life, unnecessary expectations tend to reduce, thereby bringing in greater satisfaction.

2. Regular Exercise


Regular Exercise
Regular exercise for both physical and mental health

Aerobic exercises, as well as meditation, is a great way to start off your day on a rejuvenating note. It keeps you activated and refreshed throughout the day.

Aerobic exercises like jogging, cycling, swimming act as an instant stress-buster. Most significantly, it lowers your anxiety level, blood pressure and boosts your immune system. Moreover, one develops good immunity in addition to consistent sleep patterns.

While aerobic exercises contribute to one’s physical health, meditation contributes to one’s mental health. Deep meditation for as less as five minutes a day brings in increased concentration and workplace productivity.

3. Healthy nutrition


Eat Healthy, Be Healthy
Include fruits, vegetables and proteins in your diet for a healthy lifestyle

Many of us have a tendency to skip meals due to our tight work schedule. While this contributes to temporary work productivity, it adds further fuel to increased stress. Also, stress induces the junk food culture.

Hence, it is ideal that one takes a balanced diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and adequate proteins. With adequate nutrition comes increased blood circulation and brain activation. On the whole, good nutrition is the fundamental means to remain active and healthy throughout.

4. Journal writing to release stress


Journal writing to release stress
Plan meticulously, prioritize tasks.

Most of the workplace stress arises out of lack of planning and review. When there are many unprioritized tasks, it is natural for the brain to seek refugee in stress. Hence, it’s important to maintain a journal to keep track of one’s daily progress on both personal as well as professional front.

Make it a habit to plan your day everyday morning. Prioritize the tasks clearly with the time needed to achieve the tasks. At the end of the day, make an unbiased review of your progress. Be as brutal as possible with yourself. In the long run, only a critical review will get you organized and reduce stress.

5. Frequent workplace breaks to reduce stress


Frequent workplace breaks to reduce stress
Frequent work place break to reduce stress and increase productivity

As an entrepreneur, we get so attached to our job that we are reluctant to take a small five minutes break. Though the notion, time is money hold good, a break is a necessary ingredient to reduce stress.

A break is a time to stretch your body muscles away from the monotonous posture. It is a time to reflect on new ideas to further enhance your productivity. One can go for a coffee break or just a walk across the office or neighborhood.

6. Digital device break


digital device break
Take a break from social media to enhance creativity and concentration

We live in a technology era. We are surrounded by digital gadgets ranging from mobile phone to laptop. Our life runs around these gadgets and we cannot imagine our life without them. How many of us can resist opening our social media as soon as we wake up? Probably, not many of us.

Overuse of digital devices brings in both psychological and physical issues. The light from digital devices causes serious harm to one’s eyes resulting in headaches, eye-pains, etc. Also, the constant use of social media brings in social stress, anxiety, commonly known as FOMO ( fear of being missing out).

Hence, it is advisable that one takes a complete break from technology for at least one hour before sleep. This relaxes one’s eyes and nervous system resulting in sound sleep devoid of anxious thoughts.

7. Association with like-minded people


association with right people
Associate with like minded people to learn and grow together.

As the proverb goes, birds of a feather flock together. People with similar interests, when associated together, can do wonders. As an entrepreneur, you have to be in touch with your peer professionals to ensure the flow of constructive ideas.

The sharing of ideas help you grow as an informed and skilled individual in the days to come. Further, this association helps you to learn from the challenges faced by your peer entrepreneurs and take corrective decisions. For example, Mark Zuckerberg found an ideal mentor in Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerberg adopted Steve Jobs innovative technique of hiring new recruits by taking them out on long walks into the woods.

8. Regular vacations


Take frequent vacations to boost performance.

Studies from across the world prove that long vacations are essential to enhance your work productivity by reducing stress. Regular travelers enjoy a positive outlook towards life, better immunity, enhanced cardiovascular health and an overall sense of well-being.

Hence, the next time you get stressed out, book a long vacation to the mountains of Rishikesh or the city of Udaipur. You will not regret the break that brings in enhanced well-being and happiness.

9. Practice a hobby


Pursue a hobby for greater satisfaction and relaxation.

At times, your regular job becomes monotonous and the going gets tough. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. How to be tough and resilient? Practice a hobby or passion that is close to your heart. It could be reading, writing, photography or gardening.

Keep aside some part of your day or week to practice and nurture your hobby. It brings in a sense of satisfaction and gives you a sense of relaxation. Hence, a hobby is essential to boost your performance in both personal and professional life.

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