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Eight reasons to be addicted to Email marketing tips for E-commerce

Email marketing strategies to be in the top league

Did you know that email marketing affects the purchasing decision of 59% of the customers? Email marketing attracts 40 times more customers as compared to social media marketing. Further, a study shows that over 30% of the emails are opened on the basis of the subject line alone.


If you are an e-commerce company or a startup, email marketing should be your core focus to build your business. In the course of this blog, you will learn to swim in the ocean of email marketing.


Email Marketing
Email marketing for your business


1. Welcome Mail for Email marketing

“Athithi Devo Bhava”, Guests are God. Yes, customers are your guests. And they deserve a graceful treatment. A first impression goes a long way in maintaining your customers. Hence, it’s imperative that you have a thoughtful and well-framed mail for your new customers. Ideally, the mail must include a brief about the company explained through videos, infographics, pdfs, etc. Also, explain in detail, the steps to be followed for customer support. This shows the gesture of being loved and cared for.


2. Promotional Mail

How do you build loyal customers? One way is through quality content, another way is by prioritizing returning customers.  Hence, make sure you send offer emails to your ardent customers. Ensure that the promotion split up is clearly explained, leaving no room for confusion.


3. Carting out Mail

Imagine your bus breaking down minutes before you reach your dream destination. This is the same feeling when your customers abandon your cart during the last leg of the payment transaction. Brands have come out with interesting techniques to remind the customers about their abandoned carts. It ranges from personalized messages loaded with emotions to comeback videos. Hence, be unique in your abandon cart reminder emails to win back your customers.


4. Attractive template design for email marketing

Readability and visibility are very important for any marketing email. No matter how good the content is, the poor appearance turns off any customer. Also, ensure the compatibility of the email with both mobile and desktop. Bad visibility turns off potential customers in the initial stages leading to huge revenue loss.


5. Encourage reviews

Encouraging reviews is a strategic move to increase your visibility by connecting with your customers. In a digital world, word of mouth spreads far and wide. In other words, a customized review tag along with your email is the way ahead to get valuable feedback from your loyal customers.


6. Grow subscribers list by email marketing

Make sure that you capture the emails of all the customers who visit your e-commerce website. Applications like send fox and MailChimp has inbuilt forms to capture the visitor information in a specific format. Nevertheless, give an option to the customers to gracefully opt-out of the mailing list.

Further, make sure to systematically segment your list to avoid spam emails. For example, the categorization of customers as returning, occasional, etc could go a long way in growing the subscribers’ list.


7. Mail Automation

Automated email campaigns give a three-sixty degree analysis of the email performance. For example, there is a clear estimate of unsubscribers, no: of clicks, opens, etc. Snovio and send fox applications allows you to run automated email campaigns.


8. Seasonal Email

Festivals and seasons have a close place in the hearts of people. Hence, seasonal emails are the best way to capitalize on the emotions of the people. It is a good practice to send a customized promotional email with a festival or season flavor. There are more chances of positive customer response on the same. In this way, a lifelong relationship gets built up with the customers.



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