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Seven best business presentation tips that everyone should know


There are a number of awesome tips to enhance your speaking skills with a business presentation that will take you to the heights of glory forever.

Confusing isn’t it? This is what happens when you are not precise and concise in your business presentation. The essence of any business presentation lies in putting the right words in the right place in the right way. Conveying the message in the right way is an art that cannot be mastered in a single day. It needs structured preparation and consistent practice.

business presentation

Business Presentation Tips

In the course of this blog, I shall walk you through some techniques to give an awesome business presentation.


1. Paraphrase content on the presentation

How does it feel like to be bombarded with voluminous information in one shot? Will you ever be able to recollect it? The human brain has limited attention and even limited recollection capability. The more content you present on the slides, the more cumbersome it becomes for the audience to grasp the information. Hence, it is imperative that you only highlight the bullet points on the slide. Elaborate more on the highlighted bullet points.

The way content is articulated holds more weight than the content itself. Make sure that you speak in a lucid, clear and concise manner. Do not beat around the bush. Speak and highlight only the major and appropriate points. It is a basic human tendency to speak more on a topic that is close to one’s heart. Practice hard in front of a mirror to identify and filter out the irrelevant content in your presentation.


2. Visual content

Do you recollect your childhood memory of reading comics? Have you ever wondered why we prefer comics over plain reading material? It is due to the illustrated visual content. Illustrated visual content is always a cynosure to every human eye. With visual content, the message sent out is more captivating and everlasting. Research suggests that the human brain has the ability to absorb and process visual content in an effective manner. Hence, make sure that you use ample visual content in your presentation. Keep the message visible, visible in the most attractive and direct manner.


3. Audience interaction during the presentation

Do you want your audience to take a power nap during your presentation? Or do you want them to admire your content throughout your presentation? If so, keep them active and energized. A thought-provoking question can do wonders. It will make them feel like an active part of the presentation. Also, short activities during the presentation will keep up the enthusiasm amongst the audience. For example, give an opportunity to a person in the audience to share his views and experiences on a topic.


4. Storytelling technique

The art of storytelling has been in vogue since the time immemorial. We all love grandma’s stories. But, have you ever wondered about the reason behind its efficacy? It never ceases to rekindle fond memories in all of us. The technique in which the story is narrated leaves a lasting impression. Similarly, the storytelling technique when adopted in business presentation breathes fresh air into the life of a presentation. Take the audience along a gripping description with smooth narration. Keep them yearning for more. Create suspense, add emotions and drama to make the emotions more lively.


5. Credible support materials

Building trust with your target audience is very important to send across the right message in an effective manner. There should be credibility in every word you speak and in every fact you put forth. Also, ensure that you do not use an exaggerated tone until and otherwise required. Cite the source of your information. In other words, give appropriate links to the audience to help them with further research on the topic.


6. Creativity in the content of the presentation

How does food taste without the spices? Bland, isn’t it? Similarly, creativity is the spice of the presentation. It makes the content more palatable. There are ample ways to bring in creativity. You could introduce startling statements between slides to keep up the audience’s interest and attention. You can pepper your presentation with quotes and humor. Also, you can narrate personal incidents to make the delivery more lively.


7. Summary slide in the presentation

A quick recap is essential to effectively wind up your presentation. It acts as a call back to the audience. They will recollect the major points and take home a concrete message. Preferably, summarise the major points in concrete, lucid, simple and concise fashion. Also, a summarised conclusion in commensuration with the beginning gives a well-built structure to the presentation. It keeps the audience hooked, they will seamlessly connect between different transitioning ideas.


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