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21 Most Successful Zero Investment Business Ideas in India

21 Most Successful Zero Investment Business Ideas in India

Who says you can’t start a business and make a life if you don’t have any capital? Several business options known as zero investment business ideas, do not require any investment but provide excellent rewards. This article is for you if you’re looking for money-making business ideas that require no investment.

What are Zero Investment Business Ideas?

Zero investment business ideas are those that do not require any form of investment yet nonetheless provide a reasonable profit. These enterprises are built on your knowledge and talents, as well as your efforts and time commitment.

Here are 21 excellent zero investment business ideas that do not require any capital but generate substantial income:-

1. Blogging

If you know a lot about any topic and have confidence in your writing skills in that industry, blogging can be a fantastic business concept. You can make money by writing blogs for many websites. In addition, you can buy a domain for a low cost and create articles on your website to earn revenue from advertisements.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is marketing in which a company pays an affiliate for each customer that comes because of the affiliate’s efforts. Every sale that you make earns you money in commission. In the previous few years, this business has garnered so much traction in India. No specific skills are required for this business. Furthermore, becoming an affiliate marketer is free and it is a zero investment business.

3. Vlogging

Vlogging is the abbreviation for Video Logging or Video Blogging. With the introduction of 4G and 5G technology in the recent decade, this zero investment business has gotten so much attention. You can make movies of whatever ability you have, such as artwork or cooking expertise, and share them on YouTube. To gain exposure, post a link to your channel on Facebook and urge family and friends to subscribe. Also, remember to sign up for Google AdSense, which will pay you for any adverts that viewers click on while watching your video.

4. Online marketplace

If you make pickles, sweets, snacks, handicrafts, or other similar items, you may start an online marketplace to sell your wares. To begin, advertise to residents on various social media sites, and then gradually and steadily build your business. Because you simply need the raw material to make your product, the investment is essentially non-existent. Instead of relying on a one-man army, you can enlist the help of some allies.

5. Recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies would form partnerships with businesses to deliver talented employees demanded, for a fee. You can create a recruitment firm and deal with corporates, mid-sized organisations, and small businesses to supply personnel if you have an excellent network and communication skills.

6. Insurance agency

This is a zero investment business that can be done both offline and online. To begin, contact a licensed insurance firm to obtain its agency. After that, you must sell its insurance plans, collect premiums for the insurance business, and instantly remit the money online. In this industry, your sales and marketing abilities will be vital. If you’re looking for an offline zero investment business, this could be the perfect option for you.

7. Agony aunt

People of all ages face a variety of issues in their lives, including relationships, careers, and jobs. People are willing to pay hefty sums for an apt remedy if you have an outstanding ability to motivate people and solve their life difficulties. You can also start this zero investment business online.

8. Yoga instructor

People are more concerned about their health and fitness. Rather than going to a Yoga Center, some people prefer to hire a personal trainer who will come to their home, give them one-on-one attention, and force them to exercise. To succeed in this zero investment business, you’ll need so much information about different Yoga Asanas and times.

21 Most Successful Zero Investment Business Ideas in India freelancer

9. Freelance writer

You might write for numerous organisations to provide your writing abilities. A writer isn’t something new; it’s been around for a long time. Furthermore, this zero investment business can be conducted online from the comfort of one’s own home. You can make so much money in this industry. This could be the appropriate job for you if you’re looking for work-from-home opportunities that require no investment.

10. In-home tutoring

Many parents want tutors to come to their homes and teach their children one-on-one. This results in another outstanding and profitable business concept that requires no investment. If you have a speciality in a field such as math or science and can take on higher classes, your earnings will skyrocket. If you’re looking for zero investment business ideas for students, this might be the finest option.

11. Home bakery

Nowadays, people demand baked goods that are fresh, healthful, and hygienic. Why not turn your pastime into a career if you have baking skills? This business does not require any capital because the items are prepared once an order is received. All you’ll need are some excellent baking talents and some basic ingredients. By advertising your products on social media channels, you can build a clientele.

12. Cleaning services

It’s difficult to rely on domestic staff to clean effectively. People seek cleaning services for their homes and offices because of this. During the holiday season, cleaning services are in high demand. When you obtain a job, all you have to do is recruit labourers. A few instruments, such as a broom and mops, may require a minimal expenditure.

13. Vaastu consultant

Indians are particularly sensitive to the old Vaastu tradition in their homes and offices. Vaastu is thought to aid in bringing people health, money, and prosperity. You can work as a Vaastu consultant if you know a lot about the subject. You will get recognition and renown quickly if your tips and tricks work for the public.

14. Real estate broker

You can become a real estate broker if you have strong communication and marketing abilities and a wide social network. You can earn money by acting as a middleman between the buyer and the seller.

15. Dancing/music classes

Children and adults alike enjoy dance and/or music and enjoy pursuing it as a hobby. They are required to complete hard classes to do so. You might want to start a dance/music class if you have good and creative skills in either of the two, or both. This zero investment business requires a small initial investment, but if it becomes popular, it can pay off handsomely.

16. Child-care centre

In urban areas, both parents are usually employed, and they seek out reputable child-care centres. Your residence might be the best location for a small daycare centre if you love playing with children. Love, care, and proper hygiene are the success mantra for this business. Playthings for the kids might be needed.

17. Coffee/tea shop on the internet

This business idea might be right for you if you’re a tea or coffee connoisseur. However, to accomplish so, you must associate yourself with tea and coffee producers. It’s so much work, but once you’ve tapped into the consumer’s taste senses, you can make it into a brand of its own.

18. Repacking services

Repacking is the process of unloading a large container or box and dividing it into little boxes or packets for sale or dispatch. Wholesalers and retailers can benefit from your services. Many manufacturing companies don’t have their packing facilities, so they hire someone else to do it for them. You can take it on and finish it so that it’s ready to ship.

19. Marriage bureau

Many Indians still have reservations about using internet matrimony services. They frequently choose community-specific offline bureaus. To start a marriage bureau with no investment is a great idea if you have a huge social network. All you have to do now is schedule meetings between the bride’s and groom’s families based on their preferences. You have the option of charging a fee for your services.

20. Graphic design

These days, people are incredibly creative and eager to put their ideas into action. Graphic design is one of those fields where your imagination may shine. Many organisations want professionals to create logos, business cards, and other materials for them. For starting this zero investment business, you’ll need a computer, graphic design software, and your imagination.

21. Photographic techniques

Photography requires you to pay attention to details, angles, and lighting – This is, undoubtedly, one of the top zero investment business ideas. Create a website, post some of your best photos, and let your neighbours know you’re offering photography as a service. You’ll be astonished at how many people are interested!


Ultimately, if you possess a skill and are passionate about it, you can do anything. With the advancement of newer technologies, businesses can now be run from the comfort of one’s own home and without the use of funds. So, lace up your boots and think about which zero investment business is best for you.

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