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Six LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

Innovation to marketing, marketing to inspiration

I came across LinkedIn over five years ago as part of a peer discussion. Back then, I was a college student with a job at hand even before passing out. I remember ignoring numerous connection requests on LinkedIn. But trust me, that was not intentional. I failed to fathom the significance of LinkedIn due to my limited work experience. Most importantly, I could not gauge the significance of LinkedIn marketing for professionals and companies alike.

But, at present, as a working professional in the content marketing domain, LinkedIn is an integral part of my professional life. LinkedIn gave me access to varied companies in the course of my job switch. Also, as part of my company social media marketing team, LinkedIn is the fundamental platform I rely on for content publishing.


Six awesome LinkedIn marketing tips for your business

Founded in 2002, LinkedIn is the most popular platform for professional knowledge sharing. If you are an individual looking for a job, a startup looking for growth ideas or company looking to hire fresh talent, LinkedIn is the right place for you. Nevertheless, certain time-tested strategies to drive the right content and reach the right people.

In the course of this blog, I will walk you through six awesome content sharing marketing strategies on LinkedIn. It has worked wonders for many successful companies. Hope it advances your business in the long run as well.

1. Marketing through graphic content

Companies that stand out in the market have very good graphic content in their marketing posts. A well thought out picture is equivalent to a million words. The message is deciphered instantly by the audience, in a different yet innovative way. Also, studies suggest that messages sent out in the form of graphic images have long-lasting retention power.

For example, a statistic on company growth using an attractive big font and a positive graphic image transforms the image of the company in an instant. The more students see and observe, the more they decipher, learn and retain. The same technique holds good in the professional domain.

2. Use of short videos

Videos are a powerful way to send across brand growth stories. It is a medium to give life to your organization’s vision and goals. A short video of 1-2 mins sends across an organization’s message in a short and crisp format. Interestingly, short videos attract more number of likes, retweets, and comments on LinkedIn. Also, video marketing strategies improve SEO in the long run.

3. Questionnaire marketing

How frequently do you interact with your target audience? Or is it that you just log in to LinkedIn to post your stories and log off? Always, remember that LinkedIn works best as a two-way professional platform. Posts that invite for comment or questions are liked and shared the most. It is a thoughtful approach to build a long-lasting rapport with your target audience. In other words, two-way interaction makes LinkedIn a real knowledge-sharing platform.

4. Storytelling approach

We all are great fans of bedtime, grandma stories. Aren’t we? Hence, it is time to give wings to the beautiful childhood memory on a marketing plane. Stories are loaded with curiosity and is a feast to any creative cum innovative mind. Also, stories make us think out of the box by taking us to an imaginative land.

Hence, why not build your LinkedIn marketing strategy around an inspiring and compelling story? In this way, you can project your brand in the most creative way. It keeps the target audience glued and keep asking for more. So, the next time you run out of ideas, feel free to explore and dive into the storytelling approach.

5. Content scheduling

The frequency of social media posts matters as much as the quality of its content. Majority of successful brands come out with 3-5 compelling, thought-provoking and informative posts each day. But, it becomes tedious to manage the intervals of posting.

Here is when the importance of content scheduling comes in. Content scheduling refers to the structured scheduling of social media posts using online tools. For example, Sociamonials is a popular tool used to schedule social media posts. Posts on multiple social media platform are scheduled in bulk for spans ranging from weeks to months. It saves the overheads involved in building posts for social media. Hence, plan and strategize your content scheduling for optimum results.



6. Content analytics

Is content marketing all about curating and posting great content? The answer is undoubtedly no. A constant and consistent analysis is required to closely track the performance of your post.

LinkedIn provides an Analytics tab to view the analysis of your daily posts. The no: of clicks, likes, shares, retweet, comment, etc helps in the in-depth gauging of audience response to your post. Accordingly, you can strategize your future posts by keeping in mind the larger customer needs.

Also, Sociamonial site provides a detailed analysis of your post on a daily basis. It takes the form of simple graphs and pie charts which is easily understandable.

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