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Publicize Better – Top 10 Hacks to Help Your E-Commerce with Instagram & Facebook Video Ads

Publicize Better - Top 10 Hacks to Help Your E-Commerce with Instagram & Facebook Video Ads

The amount of money spent on E-Commerce Video Advertising has increased dramatically in the previous five years.

According to various reports, video ad spending in the United States has quadrupled, and we’re seeing similar patterns in other areas. We can only anticipate this tendency to continue with the predicted introduction of 5G networks and improved tools for creating films at scale.

Is the performance of all video ad types and locations the same?

Certainly not! Facebook Video Ads in the News Feed offer one distinct benefit over the other places. When compared to non-skippable and live TV, viewers are not obligated to watch the whole commercial, but the decline in viewing time is still minimal and linear.

Facebook Video Ads in Stories, on the other hand, provide you with a much more linear long-tail. Users that remain with your Stories Ad for the first two seconds are more likely to watch it all the way through. These placements give up a significant possibility for your ad performance if you can retarget consumers based on their involvement with these advertisements. We also discovered that Stories Advertisements are up to 2X less expensive (CPM) than conventional feed ads.

So, what is the problem with Facebook and Instagram Video Ads?

Handling all the video formats in all the places across Facebook and Instagram appears to be one of the year’s major issues. There are significant distinctions between them, and advertisers cannot simply produce one video format and utilize it across all places and hope for the best.

To master the art of E-Commerce Video Advertising, you’ll need to understand how to generate them at scale, as few firms have the resources to generate films one at a time without the capacity to automate.

E-Commerce Video Advertising Tips

1. The Initial Few Seconds of Any Video are Crucial

Amongst the Instagram & Facebook Video Tips for E-Commerce, the first is that in the first 3-5 seconds, people form initial impressions. Try to think of something innovative that will catch the attention of the audience right away. It might be your actor’s unique expression, vibrant colors, or quick cuts. Fantasy has no bounds. But keep in mind that the beginning of the film is where you should spend the most time.

2. Include Your Logo Immediately at the Start

In comparison to traditional video advertisements or YouTube advertisements, you are vying for the user’s attention every second on Facebook and Instagram. As a result, don’t be afraid to utilize your logo immediately away to help your customers instantly recognize the company. This is a vital tip for video ads for E-Commerce.

3. Make Allowances for the Lack of Sound in Your Videos

Up to 85% of people watch videos without turning on the sound. As a result, make sure your video creatives can communicate the message even if the sound is turned off. One way to get around this is to provide a brief, concise subtitles that convey the content. This is another great hack for Instagram & Facebook Video Ad tips for E-Commerce.

Publicize Better – Top 10 Hacks To Help Your E-Commerce With Instagram & Facebook Video Ads

4. Experiment with various Video Ad Types, Durations, and Placements on Facebook

The next Instagram & Facebook Video Ad tip for E-Commerce suggests that for all your placements, find a means to build native video advertising (read more here). Not every message works in all situations or at every length. Discover which is right for you. The best opportunity is to use Facebook video advertisements in the news feed and articles, which should be vertical rather than horizontal.

5. Pay Close Attention to Technical Specifications

Use MOV or MP4 video formats, the H.264 codec for Instagram and Facebook videos, and the AAC codec for the audio. Also, keep in mind that Instagram and Facebook will decrease your 60fps video to at least 30fps automatically. Prepare your video, follow official Instagram & Facebook requirements, then compress the video locally on your computer to have as much control as possible.

6. Don’t Forget to Call Attention to the CTAs

Everyone understands that you must include a Call To Action (CTA) in your SMS. But, with video ads, how do you do it? The simplest method is to utilize subtitles and expose a call to action at the video’s middle and finish. This is another pro tip for your Instagram & Facebook Video Ads for E-Commerce.

7. Use Bold, High-Contrast Colors

Another Video Ads tip for your E-Commerce is to be cautious of faded, uninteresting backdrops. Keep in mind that the goal is to grab your audience’s attention. To do the “thumb-stopping” maneuver. People will react more naturally to your video’s contrasting colors and emphasized vital parts.

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

To make a better impression follow this tip for Instagram & Facebook for E-Commerce. Use video adverts in the first box of an otherwise static carousel to think outside the box. For example, in the first video, display your product on promotion using a video ad, then utilize the remaining boxes to discuss the product’s distinct USPs.

9. For Video Previews, Use Photos

Don’t be deceived by the preview generation that is generated automatically. For your E-Commerce video ads create personalized video preview visuals that will catch the viewer’s eye and entice him to start the movie even if his device’s automatic play is turned off.

10. If at all Feasible, Give Video Advertising Precedence Over Static Pictures

Video advertising needs a high level of production. As a result, devote your focus to the most crucial products/services you provide until you can automate the process. This is the most important Instagram & Facebook Video Ads tip for E-Commerce.

It is essential to keep an eye on how effective is your video ads for E-Commerce. Well-designed advertisements can convert a lot of your pending business into profit. We hope that the Instagram and Facebook Video Ads Tips have been helpful.

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