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Best marketing tactics for your Facebook page

Marketing techniques to scale up your page visibility

Do you believe in your business growth through a Facebook page? No, you are wrong! On the other hand, marketing your Facebook page is the best way to grow your business.

Top Facebook pages rely on time-tested techniques to reach their targeted audience. Did you flounder the expected number of likes and shares? Did the message delivery take the right course? In other words, what made your competitor’s content stand out?


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Facebook Marketing Strategies

Brands on Facebook are churning out innovative techniques to sell their products. Feeling abandoned? Don’t worry, these simple techniques will take you to the top league.


1. Capitalize facebook group for marketing

Have you stumbled upon a Facebook group? The Facebook group brings you more close to your audience. In other words, one on one interaction is the highlight of a Facebook group. Herein, you can share and discuss ideas in a focussed manner with your niche audience. Also, you are perceived as genuine and trustworthy. On the whole, business engagement sees a sharp hike.


2. Audience targeting and Paid ads

Facebook gives the option of paid ads for your niche audience. They help you to reach a greater and wider audience. Interestingly, there is an option to target the audience based on the gender or the region. The ads have a customizable schedule time. For example, the runtime could range from one day to several months. Also, there is an option for automated ads for better post visibility and outreach.

Hence, if you are a startup, use ads as the anchor to row your businesses. Trust me, the seashore becomes visible at an arm’s distance.


3. Unique content for marketing

If you want to be different, think differently. Being unique and different makes you stand out in the business domain. Experiment with diverse posts on your page. Put on your thinking caps, get wacky, use gifs, use 2 min teaser videos, try out memes, etc. For example, an engaging story on why the audience should try out Lenovo Laptop is more significant than presenting a generic product update.


4. Engagement with peer business groups

Do you engage with other peer groups n facebook? Do you leave messages on the peer groups in your technology domain? It’s the best way to share and gain knowledge. The two-way communication is instrumental in building your networks and increasing popularity. It will naturally translate into more likes cum comments.


5. Timeline for sharing content

Your facebook page has around 5 posts per day, but poor responses turning you off? Getting your timing right is the crux of the issue. There are specific times of the day when your audience is active and receptive to your posts. Plan your posts based on audience availability. For example, the audience is more likely to comment and share your posts during break hours.


6. Consistency is the Key

How consistent are you with the postings? Your long term success is largely dependent on this factor. Your destination might be far away, but your effort should continue unabated. Make sure that you use the Insights tab on your page to analyze your post performance. It gives a complete picture of the number of people who have liked, shared and commented on your posts. Plan your future strategy, based on these insights.


7. Use humor

Humour adds spice to your serious marketing content on FaceBook. Ensure that you have the right amount of humor peppered in your marketing content. In this way, you can strike the right chord with your potential customers on a lighter note. Humour is the easiest way to make your customers buy your product.


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