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Gaming App Marketing: Know-How To Advertise Your Game With 10 Brilliant Tips

Know-How To Advertise Your Game With 10 Best Game Marketing Tips

These days, gaming app marketing is likely the most crucial component of developing a game. It’s crucial to create a good game, but if you don’t promote it, no one will know about it and, more importantly, no one will download and play it. There is a slew of options for promoting your fresh-off-the-app-store game.

How to advertise your game? We’ve compiled a list of ten game marketing tips for your gaming app marketing we believe, if done right, will boost your downloads and, eventually, the rankings of your game.


gamming app marketing

Gaming App Marketing

1. Connect With Influencers

Some of the most popular games that have lately climbed the rankings are largely backed by social media celebrities. We’ve seen a lot of developers pass up this opportunity, probably because they don’t know how to discover an influencer with whom they can collaborate. If you’re looking for one and need some assistance, we produced a blog post to assist you.

As a game marketing tip, only contact influencers whose audiences you believe might be interested in the type of material your game provides. Smaller influencers that sincerely love your brand and what you create can often be more beneficial than larger influencers who are looking for monetary perks in exchange for the promotion.

Developing and maintaining genuine, mutually beneficial relationships with influencers can provide you with the visibility you require for your present game and future apps.


2. Make a Video for the Promotion

 Another part of the gaming app marketing tip is to have a promotional video, as it is one of the most frequently missed aspects that we see developers overlook that can substantially increase their downloads. In a matter of seconds, a promotional video allows you to exhibit your game in the best possible light. It’s one of the most effective ways to get the word out to potential gamers about your new game.

People do not have time to download every new game they hear about or read about daily. As a result, a brief demonstration video (about 30 seconds to one minute) could suffice.


3. Submit Your Product Hunt Game

Product Hunt is a daily-updated social curation website that features new products. It’s a place to learn about the latest developments, such as new apps and games, that everyone is talking about.

People will upvote your game if you upload it. If you create a compelling game, you’ll be more likely to be featured in the games category or perhaps on the homepage. Apart from getting upvoted, being featured on the homepage can entail a variety of things. Your game must also be curated by the community and the Product Hunt team.

One thing to keep in mind regarding Product Hunt is that enrollment is free and open to anyone. However, to submit, you must be invited by someone with commenting and posting privileges. This is a major game marketing tip.


4. Create a Presence on Social Media

While following the gaming app marketing tips, building your social media presence is a fantastic method to connect with your users and find new customers. Retweet their tweets, follow them on Twitter, and like their Facebook page.

Always remember to add value, interact, and appreciate individuals for their comments and shares if you want to grow a large following.


5. Get Involved in Social Media Groups

Participate in app developer-focused social media groups and communities. If you want to get your game more exposure, these are wonderful locations to go. These groups are usually found on Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, and Reddit.

It’s also a great location to get some game feedback. It’s important to remember that you should always show them that you value their input as a part of your game marketing tip. You’ll eventually be able to form relationships with these individuals, which will allow you to cross-promote your apps.


6. Cross-Promote

Once you’ve accumulated a collection of additional apps and games. The next game marketing tip is to cross-promoting your games and applications gives you a significant benefit, especially if your target audiences are similar. It could imply that free software with no apparent revenue model can be used to cross-promote your revenue-generating apps.

Cross-promote on your website, blog, or email list, as well as within your apps and on social media. You can also cross-promote by sending push alerts, but be sure to keep them relevant to the users.

If you’re just getting started and only have one game in your portfolio, try reaching out to other developers who have games that target the same niche as you. Make sure they aren’t your direct competition, though. Offer to collaborate on a cross-promotional campaign that will benefit both of you.


7. Create an Easy-to-Use Website

The next game marketing tip is to make a one-of-a-kind, informational, easy-to-scan and read website. It may be simply incorporated with most internet promotional materials. Unlike the app store’s description pages, you can be as creative as you want with your website.

When planning your website, be sure to include the following items on your checklist:


  • Name of the game and its icon
  • Platforms that are supported (Android, iOS etc.)
  • Call-to-action call-to-action call-to-action call-to-action call-to (mailing-list subscription form and download button)
  • Video for promotion
  • Elements of social proof (testimonials, user reviews, awards etc.)
  • Highlights and screenshots
  • Information about how to contact the support team
  • Social media buttons and links
  • Press Packet
  • All of your other apps and games may be found here.
  • Mobile-optimized

Remember to include your URL in any advertising materials you create, as well as in your email signatures.


8. Form an Interactive Blog

After your gaming website is up and running, the next step is to start a blog. It’s a great opportunity to provide essential information about mobile games and the app industry, as well as news about your game. Because your blog entries may be shared, end up in your users’ social media accounts, and attract people to your game, be unique and fun.

The more stuff you share, the higher your game’s visibility will be.


9. Submit Your Work to Many Stores

Another game marketing tip is to maximize your game’s potential visibility and target numerous platforms. The Android and iOS platforms, of course, are at the top of the list. Building a cross-platform game isn’t that expensive these days, thanks to widely available technology.

If your game runs on Android, you should think about submitting it to more than only the Google Play Store. The majority of these alternative Android app stores have something unique to offer that sets them apart from the competition. They also have a regular stream of new consumers. Some of them are particularly tailored to a certain area or region that the Play Store does not cover, or are just preferred over Google’s app store.


10. Get Reviews for Your Blog and Website

 As a part of the game marketing tip, app discovery can be aided by reading reviews on blogs and websites.

Journalists and bloggers, on the other hand, are highly busy people with a lot of deadlines, and they don’t have time to follow up on leads. To increase the chances of your app being published, make sure your press release kit and pitch include everything they would require. You can also host your press release kits and pitches on platforms like Medium to make it even easier to get your word out there.

These individuals are constantly on the lookout for interesting new apps and stories to discuss. It’s your responsibility to pique their interest enough for them to open your email, download your software, and, most importantly, write about it.

Bloggers require your pitch, however, professional journalists from major news organizations typically want a press release.


There are plenty of additional game marketing tips to give your game the boost it needs in terms of promotion, but putting enough effort and resources into the strategies we’ve described above will go a long way. Also, as a part of the game marketing tip, keep in mind that content is king, and nothing beats a well-designed game.

Concentrate on creating a fantastic game that players will enjoy playing, and promotion will come naturally. Before publishing your game, make App Store Optimization (ASO) a top priority. And keep in mind that ASO is a never-ending process. Make any necessary changes to your metadata.

Is there anything missing from the above list? Do you wish we had gone through something in greater depth? Tell us about it in the comments section below. We’d love to hear what you have to say.

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