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How to Create UPI Payment Links: Things You Should Keep in Mind

Indian businesses of all sizes now need a hassle-free and simple method for making digital or cashless payments as the country moves from a cash-driven to a digital cashless economy. Companies that previously only accepted cash payments now can manage and accept digital payments exactly like an online retailer. However, a lot of small business owners lack the technical skills needed to set up an internet store and accept payments online. Making a UPI payment link is the fastest way to achieve the same without spending money or developer resources.

What are UPI Payment Links?

UPI Payment Links are a digital payment system in which merchants can collect money via a link and customers can pay using UPI apps, net banking, and other methods.

It is a no-code payment method that enables us to begin collecting payments right away is UPI payment connections. It can be compared to a payment connection. However, the primary distinction is that UPI apps are the exclusive means of payment. It displays a list of the apps that are installed on the customer’s smartphone when they click it. Through the app of their choice, they can make payments. Even without a website, you can still allow your customers to make payments online.

Payment link APIs can also be used to develop UPI Payment Links. Customers may choose to pay using any of the supported payment methods, including UPI, net banking, debit cards, wallets, credit cards, etc.

UPI Payment Links

Advantages of UPI Payment Links

1. Preferred method of payment

Due to its usability, UPI has become the most preferred payment mechanism. In June, UPI transactions of 5.5 Lakh Crores were settled. This is a staggering amount. (From the NPCI) Therefore, it is only inevitable that it will become a popular payment option.

2. Quick payments

When paying using UPI, the UPI ID, bank account number, or phone number must be entered. However, this is not the case with this technique. Here, only the PIN is required for the customer to complete the transaction. Therefore, the transaction is concluded in a flash.

3. No specifics are required

As stated previously, the customer needs a variety of information to make payments. However, UPI Payment Links handles this as well. The user must click on the link. The user will then be forwarded to the payment page. Thus, you will not be required to reveal sensitive information to your consumers. Therefore, it also improves safety.

4. Increased success rate

The customer is not required to input any information, which boosts the success rate. There is no possibility of transaction failure due to inaccurate information. This method has an approximately 100% success rate, contingent upon the bank’s servers.

5. Reminders

Today, most people are multitaskers. It is reasonable that they may forget to pay you. But do not fret. If the client forgets to pay, you can also send them payment reminders. It expedites the collection of debts. It also minimises the likelihood of uncollected debts.

6. Bulk uploads

A firm has to interact with several clients. Sending unique URLs to each customer is a laborious and time-consuming endeavour. However, you can build many links simultaneously using UPI Payment Links. So, it saves significant time.

7. Details updated

Entering invalid information? No issue. You can edit the payment links to include the right details. Therefore, you are relieved of the burden of deleting old links and creating new ones.

How to Create UPI Payment Links?

To generate UPI Payment Links you simply have to follow the following steps:

1. Access the Payment Gateway’s dashboard.

2. Click Payment Links on the tab for the payment gateway, and then select the Create Payment link.

3. Now, choose the tab titled “Create UPI payment connection.”

4. Include the reason for the customer’s payment in the payment information. To ensure the customer understands the reason for payment, merchants must maintain the purpose concise and straightforward.

5. Set the duration of the payment link’s validity.

6. To distribute the link, enter the recipient’s email id and mobile number.

7. Choose whether or not to send automatic payment reminders to consumers.

8. Additionally, merchants can provide additional descriptions and link IDs for their reference that customers cannot view.

Note: Partial payment is not a possibility for UPI Payment Links.

Things You Should Keep in Mind

Accepting money in this manner is simple. However, you should remember the following:

You cannot delete the link once it has been generated. You must be wondering what to do if I accidentally send the link. Fear not. You may deactivate the payment connection. Your consumer will no longer be able to pay you through that link. And the correct payment URL can be generated from scratch.

Once your customer has paid you through that link, they will be unable to do so again. For recurring payments, a fresh payment link must be created each time. However, there is a catch. Customers can make recurring payments with UPI Autopay, which is the simplest method for accepting such payments.

The payment link is only available for a limited time. After that point, it becomes invalid. Therefore, a new payment link must be generated if the prior link has expired.


UPI Payment Links are a combination of payment links and UPI’s convenience. It has a competitive advantage over other payment systems due to its perks. The transaction procedure is also a breeze.

Remember that your revenue is dependent on the amount of time it takes your clients to finish the transaction. Therefore, adopt UPI Payment Links to experience exponential growth.

It is simple to generate UPI Payment Links. Instant activation exists. In addition to UPI, your clients can pay with Credit and Debit Cards, Net Banking, and Wallets. You may monitor payments and manage transactions, cash flow, and refunds in real time. Additionally, you can tailor it to your business. What are you waiting for, then?


1. What are UPI Payment Links?

Ans: It is a digital payment system in which merchants can collect money via a link and customers can pay using UPI apps, net banking, and other methods.

2. Why should retailers and consumers utilise UPI Payment Links?

Ans: Payments connections are the simplest method for merchants to take payments and the most convenient method for consumers to pay retailers.

3. Is it safe to generate UPI Payment Links?

Ans: Creating UPI or payment linkages is just as secure as using UPI to make a payment.

4. Can consumers pay in instalments?

Ans: If the retailer permits partial payments using payment links, consumers may do so. Nonetheless, partial payment is not a possibility for UPI Payment Links.

5. Can a joint account be linked to UPI Payment Links?

Ans: It is contingent upon the merchant bank. Due to security concerns, some institutions may place restrictions on this practice. Therefore, you should link a personal bank account.

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