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Six best tips for permanent happiness for a lifetime

Happiness is a state of mind

Meena’s world came crashing down last week. She was standing at the end of a dark tunnel. She craved for sleep, but sleep played hide and seek with her. She yearned for happiness, but in vain. Her mind lingered back to last week.

“Mr. Rupesh has been promoted as the Project Lead, he is very smart and a quick learner, isn’t he Meena?”, commented Shanti, Meena’s colleague.

“Smart? quick learner? That’s the best way to deceive everyone. I put in double the effort in the office. I deserved the promotion.”, cried Meena.

This is not just the story of one Meena, it is the story of millions of Meenas across the world. Sadly, Meena is stuck in the vicious cycle of comparison leading to unhappiness.


eternal happiness
Happiness is a state of mind.


It is a natural human tendency to seek happiness. But, the means of happiness differ from people to people. You work hard, get a job, get a promotion, thereby centering your happiness on the materialistic things. In this process, little things in life that give happiness remain unappreciated. Happiness cannot be bought, it a state of mind. When you bestow happiness, you get double in return.

Simple measures like avoiding comparison, helping others without expectations, etc., can help you cultivate a positive mindset resulting in eternal happiness.

Come, let’s learn a handful of inexpensive tips to realize happiness.


1. Stop comparison for happiness

Your colleague gets a promotion and you start doubting your self-worth. Your friend posts vacation pictures and you feel the emptiness in your life. And your relative gets a new car and you lament your low monthly salary. Give it a break, stop comparing yourself to others. By doing so, you are overlooking the blessings you already possess.

Stop comparison for happiness
Stop comparison for happiness

Instead of being envious, increase your work efficiency. Instead of pondering about the vacation pictures, reminiscence the happy times spent with your loved ones on a daily basis. Finally, instead of worrying about the brand new car of your relative, think of the times when you walked to work, thereby following a healthy lifestyle.

Comparison is the root cause of all envy. You need to realize that no two individuals are similar in this world. They have different characteristics and potential. It is good to incorporate their positive traits. But, you cannot imitate them or completely be like them. You are a unique individual with varied potentialities. Just believe in yourself, keep learning and growing every day.


2. Help without any expectations

Are you a philanthropist? Were you at the forefront of a recent NGO campaign? But, feeling unhappy and dissatisfied? You expected a participation certificate for your services, but alas. In such a case, your charity is not genuine. Real service is done without any expectations at all. When you help someone without expecting anything in return, you are always happy. Else, no amount of charity can bring you peace of mind.

Help without expectations for happiness
Help without expectations for happiness

The world is replete with examples of common people doing selfless service. For example, during calamities, poor people have contributed their hard saved money to help the victims. Their help comes with no expectations.


3. Appreciate wholeheartedly for happiness

When was the last time you appreciated someone? Did it flow out naturally or were you forced to give flowery feedback? There is a difference between flattery and appreciation. Flattery is a forced appreciation with an expectation of return favor.

Appreciate for happiness
Appreciate for happiness

On the other hand, appreciation is genuine and comes from your heart. You feel the emotions of positivity and happiness when you are genuine. The genuine appreciation helps the other person to learn and grow effectively. Your single appreciation will be life-changing for the other person.


4. Show gratitude

In a faraway land, the owner of a dog passed away due to old age ailments. But, the dog waited for his owner for another ten years at the same place, until its death. This is the level of gratitude and loyalty shown by an animal like a dog. Gratitude is the simplest way to acknowledge the people who helped you during your rough times.

Gratitude for happiness
Gratitude for happiness

Did you notice the smile on the shopkeeper’s face, when you thanked him for a purchase? What about the gleam in your mentor’s face, when you thanked him for your success? Didn’t it bring you happiness? According to psychological studies, being grateful brings in a flood of positive emotions. Eventually, it results in great mental health, enhances one’s relationships and creates a positive outlook towards life.


5. Lead a balanced life for happiness

Work-Life balance for happiness
Work-Life balance for happiness

The happiest people in the world are those who maintain a balance between their personal cum professional life. They never let professional issues cloud their personal life and vice-versa. Further, they make time for their loved ones. When was the last time you had dinner with your family? When was the last time, you went on a vacation with your loved ones? These are the little happiness in our lives that need to be cherished. There are many people in this world who are less privileged than you. When you count your friends and family as a blessing, happiness becomes your constant companion.


6. Let go for happiness

You are still searching for that college arch enemy for fifteen long years and the time of revenge has finally arrived. You feel happy, but the happiness is short-lived. But, when you finally let go, you feel like swimming in the ocean of calmness.

Let go for happiness
Let go for happiness

Yes, grudge and revenge are the greatest obstacles to happiness. It concentrates your entire mental energy into negative pursuits. But, when you let go, you automatically channelize the emotion of forgiveness and empathy. On the whole, in a positive environment, there is a peace of mind for all the parties involved.

Hence, the next time you feel unhappy, look inward. The answer to your unhappiness lies within yourself. Cherish the little things in life. Be grateful for having a family, appreciate your supportive friend circle and learn to let go of petty inhibitions. Then, you will stumble upon happiness every single day of your life.


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