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Seven Best Tools For Digital Marketing

Tools to unleash the creativity in you

The gleaming sunshine, the twinkling stars, and the misty raindrops have intrigued human beings from time immemorial. How about taking the experience to the next level? How about immortalizing them in your creations? If you are into digital marketing, nature is the best place to look for inspiration. Further, how do you apply the inspirational idea to boost your business? Here comes the importance of marketing tools. The amazing tools available in the market gives wings to your ideas and makes it come alive.


digital marketing

Seven digital marketing tools to boost your business

In the course of this blog, I will take you through a journey of the most sought after digital marketing tools.


Canva is an evergreen companion of any digital marketer. It comes with an amazing collection of templates catering to different social media platforms. Be it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, Canva provides the option to create customized posts with the appropriate dimensions. One can choose from a wide range of options such as business cards, flyers, posters, animated video, etc.


canva for digital marketing
Digital marketing with Canva tool

Are you a company which recognizes employees’ efforts via certificates, Canva is your place to be. There is an ample range of certificate template to choose from. Or, if you are unemployed and looking for a job, choose from a range of resume templates.


How about automatic conversion of your blogs to videos? Invideo performs this functionality to perfection. In addition, there is an option to build a video from bare scratch. This brings in the flexibility of using the tools to give vent to our innovative spirit. Also, choose from a multitude of templates to suit the business environment and the niche clientele.

Invideo for Digital marketing
Invideo for Digital marketing


Snovio is one of the sought after digital marketing tool for inbound email marketing. Being a very flexible platform, Snovio gives the option to create different email campaigns based on the customer base and business platform. Interestingly, there is a cap of 200 emails per day for smooth handling of email marketing.


Snovio for Digital Marketing


Are you tired of posting five social media posts each day? Wished for an automated technique to achieve your goal? Here comes the role of the wonder tool Sociamonials. The scheduling of posts can be done on multiple social media platforms in a single go. You don’t have to worry about postings for months together. Moreover, one can analyze the performance of one’s posts via Sociamonials analytics tab. The graphical analytics result gives a three-sixty degrees view of your company’s posts performance.



How is the health of your website? Is your security at risk? Are you complying with the necessary SEO standards? The answer to these questions lies in the Dare boost tool. Dareboost analyses your website on 10 major parameters ranging from Quality, Data amount, SEO, Compliance, Accessibility, etc. For a healthy website, a Dareboost analysis once in 15 days is a must. With one email ID, you can have 5 free searches per month.


Ever faced the issue of tracking down your potential clients? It is taxing to get together the precise contact details. At this juncture, Fiverr comes to your rescue. You will encounter diverse service providers of client information. The rate of services starts at a nominal rate of 5 dollars. If you are a startup, aspiring to expand your client base, Fiverr is the ideal tool for you.


Blogging is an exemplary way to expand your base in the market domain. Further, blogging is the simplest way to promote your products and build a brand image. Nevertheless, putting across the right message in the right format plays a crucial role. The appropriate language, formatting, grammar, and word usage is pivotal for the success of any blog. Webtextool tool provides a minute and detailed analysis of your blog. The interesting fact about webtexttool is that it is used to draft interview content. Herein, the gender biasedness in the blog is suitably filtered out.

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