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The 5 Best Ways to Identify SaaS White Paper Topics

The 5 Best Ways to Identify SaaS White Paper Topics

White papers Topics are a great way to generate leads and demonstrate thought leadership. However, having the proper B2B SaaS white paper topics is critical to the success of your material. Your white paper should demonstrate your company’s competence while also being intriguing and useful to your target audience.

Here are 5 amazing ways you can decide on White Paper Topics.

1. Get into your customer’s head to find White Paper Topics

To write a white paper that your target audience will want to read, you must first thoroughly understand them and the problems they are experiencing. One of the greatest methods to acquire this information is to speak directly with your prospects and customers. Conducting one-on-one interviews with your customers—or, if interviews aren’t feasible, questionnaires—will provide you with a treasure mine of information that you can utilise to choose a SaaS white paper subject.

Your sales representatives and customer service representatives have regular interaction with your prospects and customers and may provide feedback on what questions come up often in their discussions. Determine where your sales representatives encounter the greatest resistance from prospects and evaluate if publishing a white paper with the right white paper topics may assist you in overcoming these hurdles throughout your sales cycle.

Another method for better understanding your consumers and generating ideas for white paper topics is review mining. Keep an eye on what others are saying about your SaaS on software review sites like Capterra and G2, or anywhere it is mentioned. You don’t even have to restrict yourself to your consumers. Examine product reviews for your rivals’ or comparable goods and services, and utilise them to generate ideas.

2. Find White Paper ideas by carefully listening to social media

Understand where your target audience spends their time online and what they’re talking about. Look for recurrent topics—what questions, issues, or trends keep cropping up?

Check out Quora to see what questions people in your business are asking, or search Reddit by topic. Follow industry hashtags on Twitter or look into what’s popular in your sector. Read the comments on industry blog articles and keep up with what’s trending in LinkedIn and Slack groups. What’s the greatest part? This job does not have to be done manually. Many social listening technologies may be useful in this regard.

You may also conduct a poll on social media to gather ideas for SaaS white paper topics. Allow your audience to tell you what their greatest problems are by directly asking them, rather than making assumptions. In the long run, going directly to the source will save you time.

SaaS White paper topic

3. Analyse your competitors to discover White Paper Topics

To obtain ideas for white paper topics, look at what your audience is talking about as well as what your rivals are talking about. The white papers and other material they produce may also offer you topics for what could work well for your target market. Use SEO tools like Ahrefs and Buzzsumo to discover the best-performing content on rivals’ websites, and evaluate whether such subjects are relevant to your audience and company objectives.

Don’t just steal ideas from your rivals. Rehashing the same old white paper topics will not pique your audience’s attention. Instead, consider how you might provide a unique viewpoint on the material that your rivals are producing. What white paper topics will interest your audience? What can you contribute to the discussion? Or, what are your rivals failing to address? What can you do to fill the gaps?

4. Identify White Paper Topics by drawing inspiration from previously published material

When looking for a SaaS white paper subject, there’s no need to recreate the wheel. Use your website analytics tool to find out which blog articles on your site are the most popular with visitors. These articles are great candidates for white paper topics since your audience has previously shown interest in this information. Consider how you might build on your popular blog articles. What are they missing? What has changed in your industry since these articles were written?

Bonus: Repurposing popular blog articles into the topics can save you time and resources while producing your white paper.

5. Identify White Paper Topics by interviewing industry leaders and influencers

Who are your industry’s major players? You may add to your collection of intriguing SaaS white paper topics by tapping into their expertise. If feasible, interview industry influencers and experts, or examine what topics appear in their LinkedIn conversations, conference presentations, or articles in industry magazines.
If you do interview industry experts, be sure to include quotations from them in your white paper and get comments from them before publishing it. Including quotations from reputable experts in your white paper enhances the content and boosts the reputation of your business.


Generating topics is an easy task if you emphasise the importance of exclusively devoting time to this to your team members. Weakly brainstorming sessions with colleagues where you apply the tips mentioned above can really yield excellent results. Topics can also find inspiration from your clients. Remember, your clients can become your biggest resource. Service is the most important part of SaaS, and the most successful SaaS strategies take into account the needs and interests of their clients.

White Paper Topics are just a gateway into SaaS marketing. We’re sure you’ll be interested in knowing about other areas of content creation, such as generating eBook Ideas. When you’re marketing SaaS, it is important to understand that content creation can completely set you apart. You just need to have the right content and believe in its power. Let us know what topics you’d want to see from us in the future, and keep the list running in case we’ve missed anything in the comments below!

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