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7 Fascinating Tips for Your Mobile Games to Increase User Retention

7 Fascinating Tips for Your Mobile Games to Increase User Retention

People must interact with your mobile games, and they must continue to do so. Although increasing and sustaining user retention rates isn’t a precise science, there are a few things you can do to keep your mobile game on people’s screens.

Here are a few pointers to assist you to keep the users on your mobile games.


1. Create an outstanding first-time user Experience

You must provide a remarkable first-time user experience to keep new users coming back (FTUE). With a good, interactive tutorial, show users what they’re in for right away. You could, for example, drop them right into the mobile game while instructing them on how to proceed.

2. Utilise options to keep your mobile game on the screens of your users

Allow customers to choose from a variety of approaches to keep your mobile game on their radar. Send out email notifications about updates, changes, and events, for example. Include these settings and notifications on the platform that users use to play your mobile game.

Consider push notifications, alerts, and inconspicuous reminders as examples. Don’t overburden your users, but make sure your mobile game is noticeable.

3. Maintain a clean and uncluttered user interface

Your mobile game might have a ton of cool options, modes, choices, and data. You can quickly overwhelm a user, preventing them from returning to your mobile game. Maintain a simple and easy-to-navigate interface.

It’s a good idea to only display a users what they require. If your mobile game has a gaming mode that newer people can’t access yet, for example, keep it off the UI until they can.


7 Fascinating Tips For Your Mobile Games To Increase User Retention


4. Provide a consistent amount of tasks for users

Interaction is required for user retention. When a user opens your app, they should always have something to do. The key to long-term user retention is engagement.

Set daily, weekly, or even monthly objectives for them to work toward. As users progress, allow them to unlock new mobile game types and content. You want your users to feel like they’re making progress rather than just repeating the same repeatedly.

As your users progress through your mobile game, give them a sense of accomplishment. They’ll keep coming back to take on the difficulties your mobile game offers since they’ll feel like they’re progressing and getting better rewards.

5. Add value to your mobile game with incentives and offers

You can incentivise almost every component of your mobile game, but the incentives and offers you make should make the mobile game more enjoyable. Provide users with discounts and promotions that will assist them in achieving greater success in the mobile game.

The nature of your mobile game and how you monetise it will determine these incentives. Nonetheless, always consider ways to reward people, particularly repeat customers.

6. Become acquainted with your customers

Users want to play your mobile game, and they want you to understand what it takes to keep them coming back. Don’t dismiss your users’ suggestions, concerns, or frustrations. Instead, ask your users to share their thoughts and provide feedback on your mobile game.

Create a website, a forum, or another location where your users may come together and discuss the mobile game. Allow individuals to provide you with their information to collect user data. You may get feedback from people, send out questionnaires, and create surveys.

Your mobile game may have a social community that you didn’t develop. Look for those communities and see what they have to say. The better you know your users, the better the experience you can provide for them to keep returning.

7. Be aware of metrics and analytics

Analytics solutions today can let you track every detail of a user’s experience. Start with something simple like your user retention rates rather than diving right into the sophisticated world of data analysis.

Maintaining a record of your user retention rates will assist you in determining which additional indicators to monitor. User retention rates can tell you a lot of things, including:

  • When users downloaded your app,
  • How frequently do people use your app?
  • How often do people delete your app completely?
  • On any given day or month, how many people use your app?

Paying attention to user retention stats can teach you a lot. Begin to delve deeper into the data to discover the reasons behind the user’s actions. Also, keep an eye on your churn rate, which is the inverse of your user retention rate.


As you try new techniques to increase your user retention rate, you’ll probably discover even more ways to do so. The more you understand your user base and their habits, the easier it will be to keep them playing your mobile game.

You must first create a professional app to keep people entertained and engaged. Through our portfolio of professional tools and services, these recommendations will assist offer your mobile game the best chance of attracting and retaining users.


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