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Top 7 Proven Marketing Tips For Your E-Commerce App

Top 7 Proven Marketing Tips For Your E-Commerce App

As more and more people prefer to shop online, the number of E-Commerce apps on the market has exploded. We all know how difficult it is to manage a business, and running one successfully all the time is even more difficult. So, how are you expected to make your E-Commerce App software stand out in a sea of similar apps?

Imagine your E-Commerce App making it to the top of all the necessary charts.  Sounds tough. But it sure is possible with a little enhancement in the mobile app strategy you are currently on.

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In recent years many marketing professionals have been asked about the difficulty of finding a good Mobile App Marketing Strategy. The answer to this often asked question is given below!

Here are the best  Mobile  App Marketing Strategy tips recommended by top mobile app marketing firms!

1. Improve the Visibility of Your E-Commerce App Listing

As previously said, the number of E-Commerce apps available on both Android and iOS platforms is rapidly expanding. Users will have a tough time finding your E-Commerce app on the app store because of this. As a result, app store optimization has become a necessity in recent years. Consider the official app stores to be a search engine, and optimize your app listing using SEO tactics. These SEO tactics will improve your app’s visibility in search results.


2. Provide Your Audience with Relevant Content

Mobile app marketing suggests that in today’s world, we use smartphone apps for nearly everything. Despite our reliance on them, we have a habit of uninstalling apps regularly. According to a recent study by GoodFirms, customers remove an app for one of two reasons. One is to free up storage space, and the other is to shop less at a specific retailer.

However, when compared to other app types, users are more likely to wait longer before removing an E-Commerce app. This is unquestionably a chance! Only share material that your users will find interesting. Content with a distinct value proposition. Use this mobile app marketing strategy to convert potential clients into long-term clients.


3. Don’t Use Push Notifications Excessively

It is critical to send push notifications to your customers. However, like with anything, too much of a good thing is bad, and the same can be said with push notifications. According to research, a substantial proportion of programs are uninstalled because of excessive alerts. As push notifications have a greater open rate than emails or any other marketing channel, make sure you take advantage of this feature. Your E-Commerce app can benefit from a small number of tailored push alerts.

E-Commerce App

4. Keep an Eye on E-mail Marketing

As per the mobile app marketing strategy, you might be considering skipping e-mails now that we’ve told you that push alerts have better opening rates. That, however, would be a major error. People have varied expectations when it comes to push notifications and emails.

Send your consumers personalised e-mails based on their actions or inactions on your E-Commerce app whenever you collect e-mail addresses upon signup. Additionally, if your E-Commerce website already has an e-mail newsletter, incorporate it in the E-Commerce app as well. As apps rely on daily use, you must first reach out to your prospects in their inbox.


5. Collaborate with Niche Influencers

In the race of using a suitable mobile app marketing strategy, collaborating with influencers is vital. So, when you deal with influencers, you can show off your products to their carefully picked audience. The first thing to check is that the influencer is relevant to your niche. You may have to pay for exposure depending on the size of their audience and reach. People are more likely to be interested in the item if the review comes from a reputable source. This can be a very useful part of your mobile app marketing strategy.


6. Request Reviews from Your Customers and Strategically Place Them on Your E-Commerce App

Existing customer reviews are far more significant than you may realise. A well-placed good review on your E-commerce app can mean the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart. Your potential clients will be less hesitant to buy if they read reviews from your existing customers. These favourable evaluations can also be leveraged to boost the effectiveness of your sponsored ads, landing sites, e-mail marketing, and other mobile app marketing efforts.


7. Use an Exit-Intent Pop-Up to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

When someone adds a product to their shopping cart, it indicates that they are interested in your offerings. You must ensure that the transaction is completed if a potential customer is so close to converting. Many shoppers abandon their shopping carts without completing the transaction for various reasons. As a result, lowering the percentage of shopping cart abandonment is a significant mobile app marketing strategy.

As a part of your mobile app marketing strategy, you should add a special exit-intent popup to your cart page to retain some of the potential customers. For example, if a visitor abandons their cart after adding anything, show them a pop-up offering a discount if they finish the transaction within a certain amount of time. The amount of the discount and the duration of the discount is all up to you.


Set the stage for your mobile app marketing!

Apart from these tried and tested tips also pay attention to the customers who frequently add items to their wish lists but never purchase them. You might have to give them a nudge in the correct direction. Send an email to them with a link to their wish list. Include a discount on that wish list if at all possible. Who knows, that could be the final push you need to make the buy. You may simply automate the process and send push alerts every week or two to remind them of the things they wished to buy.

Marketing is what will attract users to your E-Commerce app as well as generate sales. As a result, it cannot be ignored or postponed. You must act now and make it work. Due to the ever-increasing competition, everyone has a difficult time with marketing in the early phases. Where ever you looking for a mobile app marketing strategy you will see similar patterns of mobile app marketing. Your aim should be to be thriving as a unique E-Commerce App with simplified features and an independent voice.

If you’ve been stumped on how to advertise your E-Commerce app, we hope these mobile app marketing strategies will help you achieve your goals this year!

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