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How to Create a Payment Link with SabPaisa Payment Links

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You must be wondering, in the digital age of payments why are we talking about Link Payments; having payment options from cards to wallets to net banking, UPI, and so on, do we need links to process our payments? In answer to that, yes! Link Payments are one of the most convenient payment collection methods, for example, if you do not have access to a card swipe device or wish to receive payments electronically from your customers. The use of link based payment system in such situations can simplify and speed up the process of processing transactions. A few clicks are all it takes to send a payment link to customer email addresses, messaging apps, or any other point of contact you have with them.

How does an online payment link work? How can they help your business?

Let’s take a closer look at everything you’ll need to know about adding Link payment options to your business in this quick guide.

What is a Payment Link?

A payment link is a method of requesting payment from customers through links, who pay for your goods or services in ways other than traditional online store purchases after they have confirmed their purchase decision with you. Simply said it is an online payment method in which the merchant can create a payment link online and share it with customers so they to make a quick payment.

Consider a payment link as a ‘Pay Invoice’ or ‘Pay Now’ button sent to your customers, requesting that they act on their purchase confirmation. The links can be sent via email or messaging apps, allowing you to communicate with your customers in multiple ways.

When those customers click the payment button, they are directed to a payment page (checkout page) that displays the amount owed. They can safely enter billing and shipping information, and the transaction can be processed.

Why should you create Payment Links?

Using a link-based payment method the merchant gets access to collect payments from customers with the help of Links. Merchant can set the purpose and desired amount along with validity to the payer and share the link via any communication mode, like SMS, Whatsapp, or Email.

  • Merchants can collect payments more efficiently.
  • It simplifies the payment collection process.
  • By creating a payment link merchants can customise the payment page, with minimum IT involvement.
  • It is customer-friendly.
  • Highly secure payment.
  • Flexibility in selecting the mode of communication for sharing payment links.

How to easily enable a Payment Link from SabPaisa-

SabPaisa Payment Links functions on the same concept. Payment Links is a Link Based Payment method enabled in the Merchant’s Dashboard, through which the merchant can collect payments with the help of links.

It allows the merchant to keep the customer or bulk upload a list to collect payments.

Features of Payment Links

  1. Subscription-Based Payment Link Method
  2. No Website Required
  3. Bulk Upload Payment Option
  4. Password Protected/Shortened Links
  5. Complete Link Analytics
  6. Customised Message

How do SabPaisa Payment Links function?

Payment link generation can be created for any particular user.


Paymnet Links 1

Link redirection to the checkout page.


SabPaisa 2

Details of Payment Link, in this date of creation, date of expiry, Payment, and Purpose of payment collection can be added.


SabPaisa 3

Easy bulk upload.


SabPaisa  4

What businesses can be benefitted from its use?

Whether it is a B2B or B2C business, both can benefit from payment links to simplify the payment process. With SabPaisa Payment Links the merchant gets a checkout page that offers multiple payment options to accept payment from the customer. When powered with SabPasia Payment Gateway, the process of sharing links for accepting payments becomes safe and secure. Users get notified with payment details and merchants can access real-time transaction reports.

Businesses like Retail; Education (schools, colleges, and coaching centres); SMEs; Hospitals or Clinics; Hotels, and Service Centers can easily access the SabPaisa Payment Links for hassle-free payment collection.


To learn more about the easiest payout solution, visit SabPaisa Payouts

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