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How businesses can combat climate change?

Small steps can make a large difference

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about climate change? Amazon burning, India flooding, Antarctic melting, climate change brings in front of our eyes vivid pictures of the destruction.

Climate change refers to the natural or human-induced changes in the earth’s weather patterns. It is a result of factors like incessant use of fossil fuels, deforestation, the release of greenhouse gases, etc. Further, natural causes like varied solar radiation, variation in the earth’s orbit and rotational axis also contribute to climate change.


climate change and business

Simple steps by businesses to combat climate change
It is better to act before it is too late. We, as a business group can take significant steps to effectively combat climate change. In the course of this blog, I shall walk you through some simple steps through which businesses can combat climate change.

1. Use of cloud to combat climate change

Businesses can cut down on unnecessary hardware setup by working on the cloud. It is centralized, safe and secure. Further, it brings in the convenient transfer of information amongst the employees. Overall, it will reduce the number of trees being cut down, thereby reducing deforestation.


2. Transportation for employees

Reports suggest that air pollution due to personal vehicle use is set to increase by over 60% in the coming decades. Large businesses can ensure that the employees are provided a transportation medium like office bus or van. This would cut down immensely on carbon dioxide emissions.


3. Efficient lighting to combat climate change

Simple steps in your office like replacing all light bulbs with CFL lights would work wonders. Incandescent bulbs generate a large amount of heat resulting in the cooling system to work harder, thereby generating greenhouse gases. On an average, CFLs consume 70% less power as compared to incandescent bulbs. Also, this would avoid the harmful effect of disposing mercury present in the incandescent bulb.


4. Waste segregation at source

Businesses can create a culture of proper waste segregation at source. Segregation of waste into wet, dry and chemical categories brings in a focused approach to waste management. This encourages a culture of recycling and reuse as well.


5. Use of renewable sources of energy to combat climate change

It is encouraging to see that businesses have adopted renewable sources of energy like solar, wind energy, etc to power their business. For example, Intel has over18 on-site solar plants with an installed solar capacity of approximately 7,000 kW.


6. Investment in green initiatives to combat climate change

Some businesses adopt passive measures by investing in green initiatives. It takes the form of investments in initiatives like recycling, biofuel production, tree plantation drive, etc.


7. Encourage recycling

Businesses could introduce centralized recycling bins to encourage employees to discard recyclable items light bulbs, batteries, aluminum cans & bottles and magazines are some items which could be easily recycled.


8. Measures at an individual level to combat climate change

Small measures by employees like switching off the light, turning off the tap, using paper cups instead of plastic cups and digitization of documents produce significant effects on the health of the earth in the long run.


9. Regular awareness campaigns

Monthly awareness and sensitization campaigns work wonders in the long run. It brings in a sense of business responsibility cum accountability to combat climate change.


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