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Best 8 Tips to Help You Generate eBook Ideas for Your B2B SaaS

Best 8 Tips To Help You Generate eBook Ideas for Your B2B SaaS

Creating and executing eBook Ideas allows your SaaS business to find prospects through your funnel of an audience regularly. eBooks are great B2B SaaS lead magnets because they provide quality information that generates leads and revenue.
Because eBooks may be time-consuming to create, it’s critical to have a few killer eBook Ideas under your sleeve to make your efforts worthwhile. The greatest eBook themes often contain brief and to-the-point material, such as checklists, which have the highest conversion rates, according to 59 percent of marketers. In this post, we’ll go through 8 strategies for coming up with eBook concepts.

How to generate SaaS eBook Ideas

As a SaaS marketer, you’re under pressure to consistently create high-quality, high-performing eBooks—but you’re also short on time. And how many times can you speak about the same subject without boring your audience to sleep?

It may be difficult to come up with fresh ideas that would appeal to your target market. Thorough research is essential. You should also attempt to limit the subject so that your eBook’s emphasis isn’t too wide. More detailed information is often more valuable to your viewers.

With that in mind, here are 5 suggestions to assist you to come up with the finest eBook Ideas:

1. Identify the purpose of your ebook

The greatest SaaS eBook has a clear and quantifiable purpose that fits with your company goals. Consider what action you want your readers to take after reading your eBook. For example, you may want them to call you to schedule a product demonstration.

SaaS Ebook

2. Recognise the issue you want your ebook to address

Having a thorough understanding of your audience’s problems is critical for coming up with eBook Ideas that will connect with your readers and help you accomplish your objectives. To find out what makes your consumers tick, do surveys and focus groups, ask your sales staff what comes up in their interactions with prospects, and monitor social media and online reviews for recurring problems.

3. Examine your existing content

Examining your current material may help you determine which parts you might be able to convert into an eBook, or at the very least, where you can obtain SaaS eBook Ideas. Examine your statistics to determine which content works best in terms of impressions, click-throughs, time on page, exit rate, and conversions (downloads, demos, etc.). This high-performing material is likely to be brimming with eBook Ideas.

4. Stay current on industry developments

Use news aggregators and remain active on social media platforms to find out what your target audience is reading, commenting on, and sharing. This will also provide you with a great SaaS eBook by allowing you to get a feel of the subjects on which your rivals and industry influencers are producing material.

5. Carry out keyword research

Identify keywords with a high volume of traffic, since this shows a high level of interest in a subject. Choosing these keywords as your eBook Ideas will increase the likelihood of bringing traffic to a landing page where visitors may opt to download the eBook. This is a fantastic method to see whether the eBook subject ideas you’re interested in have enough search traffic to merit your attention.

6. Review others’ B2B SaaS ebook ideas

Before you build your own, it’s a good idea to look at a few B2B SaaS eBook Ideas to get some ideas (and to learn what not to do). For example, your eBook Ideas should always be accompanied by a landing page that persuades visitors to download the material. You should also make sure that your ebook contains practical ideas that readers can immediately use in their own businesses.

Reviewing B2B SaaS eBook utilised by other authors is a fantastic approach to putting yourself in the shoes of your readers and learning which techniques work best for them.

7. Discover which aesthetic aspects contribute to the development of great SaaS ebook ideas

Design is an important factor to consider while brainstorming eBook Ideas. Your text may fall flat if it lacks great design. A strong design ensures that the information in your SaaS ebook flows in an interesting and consumable manner.
Focus on your ebook cover to entice readers, as well as the overall design to break up content and deliver information in a fascinating way. It is critical to use your brand colors and adhere to a consistent structure.

8. Plan your project and come up with SaaS ebook ideas

It is critical to devote your entire focus to the planning phase. This will assist you in remaining structured while you compile your list of SaaS eBook Ideas.
Brainstorming eBooks is an important aspect of coming up with eBook Ideas. Allow time for you and your colleagues to be creative and have fun with this phase. Before you begin exploring eBook Ideas, define your target audience and what you want to accomplish with the material. This will assist you in coming up with ideas that will help you achieve your objectives.


There are a plethora of ways to generate good eBook Ideas. We highly suggest investing time in understanding what eBook Ideas would benefit your company the most. Your team may greatly benefit from brainstorming sessions as it is a great team-building exercise. It’s a great initiative to take: inviting suggestions and ideas from your colleagues and people around you, even clients.
This builds an extensive network of ideas and makes your job way easier. The list mentioned above is as exhaustive as it could be, but ultimately, it comes down to your efforts. Generating the ideas is not a mammoth task it seems it is once you start devoting time to exclusively dealing with this. Let us know in the comments down below what strategy worked best for you.

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