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6 Powerful Types of B2B Video Marketing Your Company Needs

6 Powerful Types of B2B Video Marketing Your Company Needs
Video is becoming a more effective marketing strategy thanks to the expansion of sites like YouTube, Vine, and Vimeo. With 90% of online buyers finding videos helpful during the decision-making process, their value extends to sales qualification and conversion as well. Video marketing is an integral part of content marketing. Check out the best marketing tips for your B2B company. We looked at 6 instances of outstanding B2B video marketing to help you narrow down your plan. These companies have mastered the art of creating one-of-a-kind videos that highlight their brand’s value, personality, and, sometimes, hilarious sense of humor!

B2B Video Marketing

B2B Video Marketing

6 Examples of B2B Video Marketing


1. HubSpot


With a YouTube channel chock-full of useful instructions, case studies, weekly podcasts, and client testimonials, SaaS marketing platform HubSpot shines at multi-format B2B video marketing. With content spanning from 30-second how-to videos to 30-minute case studies, their content generation approach is structured to parallel their sales funnel. HubSpot doesn’t shy away from super-niche content, preferring to develop films that drive conversion rather than views, which is something that other B2B marketers might learn from.


2. VeriSign


VeriSign chose to construct a complete marketing campaign under the assumed identity Liberty Fillmore, taking a big risk with their B2B video marketing technique.

Liberty’s amazing ability to speak with abandoned shopping carts served to quietly promote VeriSign’s e-commerce expertise—and over 4 million views later, the campaign can be regarded as a great success.


3. Cisco


Cisco has made a significant investment in video marketing, with a back-catalogue of over three thousand movies and a production rate of a thousand videos each year. While only a few B2B companies have Cisco-level resources, everyone can benefit from their strategy of employing video marketing to build an irreplaceable archive of problem-solving, sales funnel-targeted content.

Based on Cisco research, the right video length to provide actionable takeaways is 60-90 seconds.


4. Intel


Intel Storytelling is at the heart of the company’s B2B video marketing strategy, which is quite astounding for a company that makes computer chips. They’re another IT behemoth with a magnificent library of video material, but unlike other B2B companies, they’ve chosen to highlight the lives and experiences of the brand’s varied client base rather than instructions and recommendations. Their YouTube account documents the company’s involvement in a variety of activities, including wildlife photography and amateur rocketry. They also offer a ton of videos with Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory, which is a huge benefit!


5. SAP


SAP’s YouTube channel does an excellent job of framing the large multinational as a valued friend in the struggle to grow your company. They’ve appealed to their audience on an emotional level, gotten down to the core issues that plague every company, and offered assistance. SAP’s hyper-personalized B2B video marketing approach is visible throughout their channel, with all of their material grouped by buyer persona. This makes it simple for each of the brand’s personas to find relevant information and connect with guidance delivered in the proper tone of voice.


6. Taulia


With cloud-based payment, invoicing, and ‘discount management solutions for enterprise organizations, you’d be forgiven for assuming Taulia’s approach to B2B video marketing would be dry, uninteresting, and downright stuffy.

On their YouTube channel, in addition to videos showing whiteboarding and customer testimonials, they also showcase a playful element of their brand image — with a parody video featuring the immortal line “Don’t wind up homeless on the streets: let Taulia automate your early payment discounts”. It isn’t 30 seconds of pure slapstick, but it does manage to tackle real B2B pitfalls.

The examples given above have paved their path of constant appreciation from the users as well as the audience. These can help you go a long way with your B2B Video Marketing.

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