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7 tips to work from home with efficiency

Productivity with flexibility

The present-day workplace is becoming more and more flexible. Employees are preferring the work from home mode to maintain a proper personal-professional life balance. Interestingly, work from home comes with advantages ranging from a flexible schedule, reduced commutation costs as well as spending some quality time with your loved ones. On the other hand, work from home comes with its own set of challenges like an increased distraction or reduced productivity.


work from home


Some tips to work from home with efficiency

But, don’t worry, in the course of this blog, I will walk you through seven tips to boost your work productivity while working from home.


1. Cloud storage for work efficiency

It is good to store all the important office documents on the cloud server. By doing so, you can log in from any device and complete your task. In this way, you can avoid the overdependence on office workstation. Work anytime, anywhere, without compromising on your data.


2. Official attire

Have you felt sleepy in your pajamas while working from home? Were you lazy to change? Dressing makes a lot of difference in one’s attitude and work. The better dressed you are, the more confident and attentive you are.

Hence, when you are working from home, try to be dressed in the formal, official outfit. It will give you a real office feel. Also, this makes you work with more seriousness.


3. Work – Friendship management

When you work from home, there is a chance of some friend dropping by to meet you. How can you avoid such unexpected run-ins and meetup? One can come out with a definite schedule to meet one’s friend. Make meetup plans for the weekend. Talk it out with your friend and make a mutually agreed schedule.


4. Regular office communication

There are chances of getting distracted when you are working from home. Hence, make sure that you are in regular touch with your colleagues. Connect to them via hangout, WhatsApp or email to get work updates. This will give you an office environment and keep you on your toes.


5. Customized work area

Do you have a dedicated area to work at your home? Having a separate room as your work area is essential to have maximum productivity. Even if it is not a proper work setup, a solitary room is required to keep up your focus.


6. Minimize social media usage

Social media is a necessary evil in the present-day world. Imagine doing your company job via Facebook and Whatsapp. In addition, social media has brought the world closer. But, it can become a nuisance when you work from home. Unending chats on Facebook or Whatsapp leads to a reply chain running over hours.

Now, you might ask, what if I am the social media handler of my company? The answer is simple. Turn off your message notifications. Only respond to company page updates on your social media. Train your mind to respond to personal social media stuff at a definite time of the day. Eventually, you will see the productivity gains from this exercise.


7. Calendar Maintenance

Planning is the first step towards completing your task with efficiency and effectiveness. Excel sheet is a simple way to create focussed plans with flexible updation features. Also, google calendar provides customized calendars for different business settings.

Make use of either of the above application while working from home. Plan meticulously and scrutinize your plan every week for optimum results.


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