Single App to manage Payments, Settlements, Refunds & Collections

The E-POS App is an all in one advance app that provides all the data regarding the user’s payments, settlements, refunds, collections, customer support and official communication with end to end control over everything.

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Grow your Next-Gen Business with India's Best Payment Gateway

One Payment Gateway with Maximum Payment Modes

Let your customers pay in their comfort from Card payments to Cash, Debit/ Credit /Wallet /UPI/ Bharat QR/ NACH/ RTGS/IMPS/NEFT

Experience the lightning Fast API Integration & Transactions

Seamless Payment Experience and lightning Fast API Integration

Highest Success Rates with Smart Retry Options

Microservices techniques with Auto retry, smart routing & optimised flows and experience one of the highest transaction success rates in the industry.

Unique Integration with Banks

Experience the unique benefits of Host to Host connectivity with top leading banks leading to the best success rates and quick payment processing due to bank host-to-host contribution.

Developer-friendly Payment Gateway

Integrate, Customise & Run!

  1. Pre-set Source codes for Encryptions/ Decryptions. Make your transactions more customized & Secured as you wish with Encrypt/Decrypt features.
  2. Industrial-grade Integration support & Flexibility to adjust your customisations.
  3. One integration kit for all languages for faster and easier integration.
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Comprehensive Admin Features

Comprehensive Admin Features

In order to have full monitoring and control over all that goes inside your app, e-POS App gives that comprehensive admin features.

Single App to Manage All Payments

The e-POS App enables merchants to manage all payments, settlements, refunds, collections on a single app.

Single App to Manage All the Finance

Easy Fund Collection Using Links

e-POS App has easy link sharing feature to collect payments through unique links from multiple platforms like E-mail, WhatsApp, telegram, SMS etc.


End to End Control Over Everything

E-POS App enables the user to check all payment activity and reconciliation for both online & offline payments.


Information & Security

With E-POS App, you get control over all data and information generated during your payments. We have enabled some of the cybersecurity industry’s most well-known tools and standards.

Secure with User Authentication Feature

Share password protected links, password protected invoices to your customers.

Actionable Analytics

Take help of real-time analytics to take the right action at the right time and optimize every touchpoint with LinkPaisa.

Simple API Integration for ERP

The app can be easily integrated with any ERP via a simple API based integration for more comprehensive ERP activities.

Easy Access

Easy login and access for all transaction data, reconciliation, reports, with a single tap on the app.

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Need A Payment Gateway Urgently? You Are Just A Click Away!

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