Learn 5 Amazing Ways of Marketing Your Edtech Start-Up

Learn 5 Amazing Ways Of Marketing Your Edtech Start-Up

Amid the burgeoning startup community, it’s easy to become complacent and dismiss problems. Digital MNCs seize all the headlines to create a false sense of competition in the world of entrepreneurship. Intense competition for originality and innovation has boosted the agenda of Edtech start-ups as well. Teachers and diploma programs aren’t the only ones interested […]

How to enroll more with these 6 Edtech Sales & Marketing hacks

Know-How To Enroll More With These 6 Edtech Sales & Marketing Hacks

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, there have been numerous success stories in the Edtech sector. The epidemic has caused a 5 to 6-year acceleration in student enrollment and acquisition rates. The Edtech industry’s worldwide valuation will increase from 76.4 billion in 2019 to 89.1 billion in the following years demonstrating Edtech’s enormous sales potential. […]

How to Create an Edtech Marketing Content Calendar in 7 Easy Steps

How To Create An Edtech Marketing Content Calendar In 7 Easy Steps

It’s a busy time for those in the Edtech industry. Due to widespread school closures this year, as well as a near-universal transition to online learning, educational technology goods are in higher demand than ever. How can you ensure that you stand out from your competition in such a congested market? If you want to […]

5 Helpful Tips to Leverage Social Media for Sales in the Education Industry

5 Helpful Tips To Leverage Social Media For Sales In The Education Industry

Social Media is more than just a method to keep familiar with friends and family; it’s also a tool for businesses to interact with their present (and potential) consumers. According to a LinkedIn study, social selling influences half of the income earned in 14 major industries, including eLearning and software. That’s the majority of all […]

Best 7 Proven Marketing Strategies for Edtech Companies

Best 7 Proven Marketing Strategies for Edtech Companies

Edtech Marketing Strategies are the need of the hour for Edtech Companies due to the ongoing changes. Across the country, schools, educational institutes, and Edtech Companies are preparing for the “new normal” in education. Recognizing the health risk posed by overcrowding in classrooms, schools and educational institutions are looking at how digital education and interactive […]