Top 5 Ways Blockchain in Banking is Making Waves

Top 5 Ways Blockchain in Banking is Making Waves

Blockchain is a public ledger that can record the origin, movement, and transfer of any valuable asset. To process a payment or transfer of a good, the blockchain requires unanimous approval from the individual nodes in the blockchain, as opposed to relying on a central authority like banks. The banking sector is most interested in […]

Top 8 Epic Benefits of Blockchain in Banking & Finance

Top 8 Epic Benefits of Blockchain In Banking & Finance

It makes no difference whether it’s labeled a blockchain (or not) or a new version of a type of blockchain with different features. However, it’s essential that the financial industry is working hard to be ready for what’s coming next, which is the advent of blockchain in banking and finance. The use of blockchain finance […]

11 Amazing ways Blockchain can be Used in FinTech

11 Amazing Ways Blockchain Can Be Used in FinTech

Blockchain aficionados are always tinkering with this technology to develop new use cases and apps to address numerous and complicated challenges in the finance sector. Among the applications supporting blockchain in FinTech that are already popular among FinTech, business executives are listed below: List of Applications of Blockchain in FinTech 1. KYC Verification There is […]