Mansha AI

Mansha is a text/voice based AI Assistant that uses artificial intelligence to better data processing multifold, including payment data. Beyond that, Mansha helps consumers fill up any and all types of forms through intelligent text and voice based intervention.

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About Mansha AI

1. Data Extraction From Database using API : Mansha is platform independent and can connect to any form/form builder software through APIs.

2. AI Assisted Form Filling For Regular & Especially Disabled People : Fill forms by conversing (audio) or chatting (text) with user.

.3. Form Content, Structure Analysis & Storage (Any Form) : Mansha uses multiple technologies including AI enhanced OCR to process form content and structure.

4. Data Analysis, Contextualization & Presentation : Mansha has inbuilt AI driven data analysis and contextualization capabilities.

Key Features & Benefits OF MANSHA ai For Clients

1. Single App To Manage Them All : Manage all of your key activities including payments, one-to-one & many-to-one communication, feedback, social communication and event related activities in a single app.
2. Centralized Control Over Everything : Get mobile based admin rights and Web based super admin rights for clients to closely monitor their payments, communication, social and event activities. Also verify all who can join/exist/communicate on your app.
3. Branded App That Is Virtually Your Own : Get an app that carries your own brand and is virtually your own. SPApp will carry your logo for your members and seamlessly duplicate your branding/visual elements inside the app.
4. Do All Sorts of ERP Based Activities Within The App: SPApp has inbuilt fee collection/admissions/applications/order management ERP software so that you can manage your fee collections, admission, other applications and order management processes end-to-end within the app. If you already have an ERP in place or for more comprehensive ERP activities, the app can open your existing ERP inside it via a simple API based integration.
5. Get World’s First Hybrid Online-Offline Payment Platform: Take SPApp and get world’s first hybrid online-offline payment platform and stop wishing for your consumers to change their payment habits. Through technology integrations with multiple banks for both online and offline payments, from UPI to Cash, we have made it possible for you to get a single unified dashboard where you can see realtime updates, reporting and reconciliation for both online and offline payments.
6. Most Importantly, Get Control Over Your Data, Information & Security: With SPApp, you get tight control over all data and information generated during your payments, organizational communication, business social and event activities. Your data is located on secure servers inside India and all your communication inside the app is encrypted with the latest and most secure encryption algorithm.
7. Verify All Your Members Using A Unique Identification Number (UIN) Decided By You: Get control over your own app where you can verify all those who can join, exist, communicate and have other rights like that of creation/deletion and more on your app via a Unique Identification Number (UIN) decided by you.
8. Comprehensive Admin Features For Monitoring You Won’t Get Anywhere Else: In order to have full monitoring power and control over all that goes inside your app, you need comprehensive admin features. And SPApp gives that to you.
9. Comprehensive Communication, Discussion & Social Features (Both Many-to-One & One-to-One) You Won’t Get Anywhere Else: You get comprehensive communication, discussion & social features including admin creating public feeds for information/discussion, admin broadcasting messages one-to-one, admin chatting with specific members one-to-one, members chatting with each other one-to-one, admin creating groups according to specific subject/topics for discussions etc.

Bank-level Security

PCI-DSS compliant online payment gateway environment. 128-bit encryption. RBI regulations compliant.


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