Hybrid Payment Gateway

SabPaisa is world’s first hybrid payment gateway that helps businesses collect payments from ALL clients and consumers, urban or rural, young or old, online or offline, without worrying about consumer payment behaviour.

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Hybrid Payment Gateway

About Hybrid Payment Gateway

Are you a business struggling with payment reconciliation issues because some customers pay online while others pay offline?
We understand your problem.
To collect money from ALL customers, you have setup multiple payment systems: Cards, CMS, Cheque, Cash…
And then you reconcile all that money at month’s end. With delays and hassles and data loss.

It’s a pain, isn’t it?

Enter SabPaisa, world’s first hybrid online payment platform.

SabPaisa hybrid online+e-offline PG (From Bharat QR to UPI to Cards to Cash) helps businesses collect payments from ALL clients and consumers, urban or rural, young or old, online or offline, without worrying about consumer payment behaviour.

We have all the modes on a single payment gateway, online and offline. And by all, we mean ALL. From UPI to Cards to Netbanking to Cash to NEFT. You name it, we have it.

With SabPaisa, your money collection setup becomes totally online with ZERO manual work, whether the customer pays online or offline. And payment data travels to you instantaneously that you can see in a single dashboard/report, whether it’s UPI or Cards, Cheque or Cash.

No more entering data manually or emailing excel sheets back and forth. No more reconciliation ache. No more turning customers away because they pay differently, whether it’s a 18 year old from Kashmir or a 70 year old from Cochin.

Thus SabPaisa digitally aggregates online as well as offline modes of payment thus bringing for businesses the cost and efficiency of collection through online modes like Netbanking or UPI or Bharat QR at par with cost and efficiency of collection through offline modes such as Cash or NEFT(Cheque). This allows SabPaisa to perhaps be the only hybrid (online+offline) payment platform in the world that provides businesses and organizations a single unified dashboard for collecting payments from their customers/members through any and all channels, online or offline, from Bharat QR to Cash.

So take SabPaisa as your online hybrid PG, the gateway to Bharat 2.0, where offline is also online.

Key Features & Benefits OF HYBRID PAYMENT GATEWAY For Clients

  1. Payment Gateway with maximum Pay Modes: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, UPI, Bharat QR, Cash E-Challan, NEFT E-Challan
  2. Payment Gateway with Online/Offline Payment modes in single seamless integration: You do not require separate integration for online and offline; the platform comes with complete bouquet of online and offline payment modes in single integration
  3. Experience one of the highest success rates: Experience one of the highest success rates in the industry for both online and offline transactions
  4. Single MIS dashboard for all modes, online or offline: Get a unique integrated MIS dashboard for ALL payment modes, online and offline, with excellent transaction search functionality.
  5. Get complete control over offline transactions: Get desired control over offline transactions like maximum amount limit fixing and payment collection date validation
  6. Powerful transaction Pull & Push enquiry API for all the online & offline modes
  7. Integration available for all major platforms Java / PHP / .Net
  8. Real-Time Txn update even for for offline txns (Cash Challan & NEFT) as well
  9. Get additional unique features for offline modes: Get additional unique features on offline modes like Client wise/Bank wise Logo on challan NEFT,  Partial Payment through NEFT, Advance Payment through NEFT etc
  10. Robust Security: We have employed some of cybersecurity industry’s most well known tools and standards to fortify your payments and make them impregnable such as PCI-DSS V3.2 for payment data & information security.
  11. Works across all devices: It is hardware platform independent for all devices whether it is web browser, Tab or Mobile devices
  12. People driven support with AI touch: Experience excellent support driven by people and helped by AI’s intelligent touch

Bank-level Security

PCI-DSS compliant online payment gateway environment. 128-bit encryption. RBI regulations compliant.


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