EMI Calculator API

The perfect way to calculate EMIs

EMI Calculator is an API that calculates EMI amount. It is a combination of 9 robust APIs that calculates EMIs on the basis of pre defined Rate, Tenure and Principal. It enables easy, simple and accurate calculations for EMIs.

Banking Partners

Robust APIs for EMI Calculation

A combination of 9 robust APIs:

A combination of 9 robust APIs enables

Secure token based Login:

Secure token based login that allows merchants to verify their identity, and in return receive a unique access token. This enables merchant authentication and secure login for high security.

Easy and flexible calculation

Easy calculations can be done on the basis of initial input of Rate of Interest, Tenure and Principal. Flexible input method for easy calculations.

No manual task

No manual task is involved as all calculations are done automatically every time the API is called on the basis of initial input.


Smart way to Calculate EMIs

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How EMI Calculator API Works?



Login through Client Authentication based on unique token


Create Payer

By using your dashboard create payer


Enter Details

Enter Rate of Interest, Principal and Tenure for EMI Calculation


Get Report

Get report on set time frame


Easy Integration

SabPaisa ensures that all the 9 APIs in the EMI Calculator are easy to integrate and provides support as and when needed

Simple Document

SabPaisa provides simple API document for better understanding of the developer and easy integration

Time frame based reports

Easy time frame based reports can be dragged anytime for analytics for all EMIs falling under that time frame

High Efficiency and Accuracy

As everything is automated and system driven, you get high efficiency and accuracy every time the API is called

In house technology for higher success rate

EMI Calculator is SabPaisa’s in house technology that has been developed by a vastly experienced team for higher success rate and easy support.

Robust Security

Cybersecurity industry’s most well-known tools and standards to fortify your payments and make them impregnable.


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