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Six best tips for permanent happiness for a lifetime

Happiness is a state of mind

Meena’s world came crashing down last week. She was standing at the end of a dark tunnel. She craved for sleep, but sleep played hide and seek with her. She yearned for happiness, but in vain. Her mind lingered back to last week.

“Mr. Rupesh has been promoted as the Project Lead, he is very smart and a quick learner, isn’t he Meena?”, commented Shanti, Meena’s colleague.

“Smart? quick learner? That’s the best way to deceive everyone. I put in double the effort in the office. I deserved the promotion.”, cried Meena.

This is not just the story of one Meena, it is the story of millions of Meenas across the world. Sadly, Meena is stuck in the vicious cycle of comparison leading to unhappiness.

Eternal happiness
Happiness is a state of mind.

It is a natural human tendency to seek happiness. But, the means of happiness differ from people to people. You work hard, get a job, get a promotion, thereby centering your happiness on the materialistic things. In this process, little things in life that give happiness remain unappreciated. Happiness cannot be bought, it a state of mind. When you bestow happiness, you get double in return.

Simple measures like avoiding comparison, helping others without expectations, etc., can help you cultivate a positive mindset resulting in eternal happiness.

Come, let’s learn a handful of inexpensive tips to realize happiness.

1. Stop comparison for happiness

Your colleague gets a promotion and you start doubting your self-worth. Your friend posts vacation pictures and you feel the emptiness in your life. And your relative gets a new car and you lament your low monthly salary. Give it a break, stop comparing yourself to others. By doing so, you are overlooking the blessings you already possess.

Stop comparison for happiness
Stop comparison for happiness

Instead of being envious, increase your work efficiency. Instead of pondering about the vacation pictures, reminiscence the happy times spent with your loved ones on a daily basis. Finally, instead of worrying about the brand new car of your relative, think of the times when you walked to work, thereby following a healthy lifestyle.

Comparison is the root cause of all envy. You need to realize that no two individuals are similar in this world. They have different characteristics and potential. It is good to incorporate their positive traits. But, you cannot imitate them or completely be like them. You are a unique individual with varied potentialities. Just believe in yourself, keep learning and growing every day.

2. Help without any expectations

Are you a philanthropist? Were you at the forefront of a recent NGO campaign? But, feeling unhappy and dissatisfied? You expected a participation certificate for your services, but alas. In such a case, your charity is not genuine. Real service is done without any expectations at all. When you help someone without expecting anything in return, you are always happy. Else, no amount of charity can bring you peace of mind.

Help without expectations for happiness
Help without expectations for happiness

The world is replete with examples of common people doing selfless service. For example, during calamities, poor people have contributed their hard saved money to help the victims. Their help comes with no expectations.

3. Appreciate wholeheartedly for happiness

When was the last time you appreciated someone? Did it flow out naturally or were you forced to give flowery feedback? There is a difference between flattery and appreciation. Flattery is a forced appreciation with an expectation of return favor.

Appreciate for happiness
Appreciate for happiness

On the other hand, appreciation is genuine and comes from your heart. You feel the emotions of positivity and happiness when you are genuine. The genuine appreciation helps the other person to learn and grow effectively. Your single appreciation will be life-changing for the other person.

4. Show gratitude

In a faraway land, the owner of a dog passed away due to old age ailments. But, the dog waited for his owner for another ten years at the same place, until its death. This is the level of gratitude and loyalty shown by an animal like a dog. Gratitude is the simplest way to acknowledge the people who helped you during your rough times.

Gratitude for happiness
Gratitude for happiness

Did you notice the smile on the shopkeeper’s face, when you thanked him for a purchase? What about the gleam in your mentor’s face, when you thanked him for your success? Didn’t it bring you happiness? According to psychological studies, being grateful brings in a flood of positive emotions. Eventually, it results in great mental health, enhances one’s relationships and creates a positive outlook towards life.


5. Lead a balanced life for happiness

Work-Life balance for happiness
Work-Life balance for happiness

The happiest people in the world are those who maintain a balance between their personal cum professional life. They never let professional issues cloud their personal life and vice-versa. Further, they make time for their loved ones. When was the last time you had dinner with your family? When was the last time, you went on a vacation with your loved ones? These are the little happiness in our lives that need to be cherished. There are many people in this world who are less privileged than you. When you count your friends and family as a blessing, happiness becomes your constant companion.

6. Let go for happiness

You are still searching for that college arch enemy for fifteen long years and the time of revenge has finally arrived. You feel happy, but the happiness is short-lived. But, when you finally let go, you feel like swimming in the ocean of calmness.

Let go for happiness
Let go for happiness

Yes, grudge and revenge are the greatest obstacles to happiness. It concentrates your entire mental energy into negative pursuits. But, when you let go, you automatically channelize the emotion of forgiveness and empathy. On the whole, in a positive environment, there is a peace of mind for all the parties involved.

Hence, the next time you feel unhappy, look inward. The answer to your unhappiness lies within yourself. Cherish the little things in life. Be grateful for having a family, appreciate your supportive friend circle and learn to let go of petty inhibitions. Then, you will stumble upon happiness every single day of your life. 


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What makes a great leader?

Leaders make their actions do all the talking

Year 18th July 1980 was a landmark day for India. Dr. Abdul Kalam was the leader of the ISRO team which successfully launched Rohini satellite into the orbit. The missile man conducted the press conference along with his team. But, his success was not easy, nor was it isolated.

Year 10th August 1979 was another landmark day for India. This day, we failed to launch Rohini satellite into the orbit in the first attempt. This time, the press conference was led by Dr. Satish Dhawan, the ISRO chairman.

You might be wondering what he would have delivered in a callous situation? He just uttered these words: “We failed! But I have a very good trust in my team that next time we will be succeeding for sure”.

A true leader leads from the front in the face of crisis and takes the blame upfront. Similarly, in the face of success, a true leader lets the team lead from the front.

Now the question arises, do you think, you need power and position to be a leader? No, not at all. All of us have the leader in us, either consciously or unconsciously.

Leader without a title.
Explore the leader in you.

In this blog, I will elaborate on the top qualities of any leader. If you have this quality in you, take it to the next level. If you don’t, you could consider adopting some of them.

1. Vision

Leader with vision
Visionary leader

A leader is a daydreamer. Confused? A leader has a vision and he daydreams about it relentlessly. Further, the aura that he creates amongst his subordinates attracts them to his vision. Like a magnet that strongly pulls the iron towards itself, the vision of the leader attracts his followers towards himself. Hence, if you want to be a great leader, be visionary par excellence. For example, Barack Obama’s vision for America struck the right chord with the audience. The result, we all know the stunning consecutive tenures as the President.

2. Innovative

Innovative leader
Innovation as the hallmark of a leader

Rome was not built in a day. It is a result of hard work, patience, perseverance, and innovation. Innovation makes you stand apart from the crowd. Innovation gives vent to your creativity and takes you on a higher plane as the leader. For example, the life of Ratan Tata is an apt example of innovative leadership. Post-retirement, Ratan Tata has been actively involved in funding innovative startups. This is the mark of a great leader, he never lets innovative ideas go unnoticed or unsupported.

3. Positive

Positive leader
Positivity as the hallmark of a leader

He fought, he raised his voice against discrimination. But, in vain. Further, he was jailed for twenty-seven years. Nevertheless, his determination and courage stood unshaken. He remained positive throughout and dreamt of seeing his country free of apartheid. The positive and visionary leader was Nelson Mandela who has become an inspiration for generations to come.

Positivity is the hallmark of a true leader. A positive person never loses hope even in the jaws of death. He finds a solution to any crisis by hook or by crook.

4. Humility as a leader

Humble leader
Humility as the hallmark of a leader

It is one golden quality that keeps you grounded no matter how high you fly. Hence, humility is of pivotal importance for leaders. A long-lasting and strong relation gets formed with your subordinates upon exhibiting the quality of humbleness. Moreover, humility is the easiest way to build trust and forge relationships. For example, Gandhiji espoused a humble demeanor that made him stand out gentle amongst giants of his era.

5. Emotional Intelligence as a leader

Leader with emotional intelligence
Leader with emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand your emotions as well as that of others and the ability to handle the same. A leader has to deal with a diverse group of people with different characteristics and emotional levels. At this juncture, emotional intelligence helps him think from the shoes of his subordinates. This results in better resolution of conflicts. Hence, it is rightly said that ‘Attitude decides your altitude in life’.

6. Empathetic

Empathy and leadership
Leader and his quality of empathy

“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another.” – Alfred Adler

Empathy is one quality that sets apart good leaders from a great one. The perspective of a leader changes with empathy. He is able to better judge his teams’ requirements and make a healthy judgment. An empathetic leader stands by the poor and the destitute. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation by billionaire Bill Gates supports education, health cum sanitation in poor and destitute countries.

7. Integrity

Leader with integrity
Leader with integrity

If you are a leader with integrity, you are hard to be replaced. Leaders with integrity espouse truth, no matter how hard it may seem. They never mince their words and lead with dignity. When a leader is integral, the subordinates have unconditional faith in him. In other words, they are rest assured that the decisions are taken in a good spirit.

8. Leader without a title

Leader without a title
Leader without a title

The world knows a handful of leaders. On the other hand, there are innumerable people who are doing selfless service behind the curtain. Jadav Payeng of Assam single-handedly planted an entire forest. Bal Pandian of Tamil Nadu took commendable steps to conserve avian species around Koonthakulam Bird Sanctuary.

They are the true leaders, who lead without a title. They could always remain invisible to the world, but their efforts are no less than the well-renowned leaders.

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7 tips to work from home with efficiency

Productivity with flexibility

The present-day workplace is becoming more and more flexible. Employees are preferring the work from home mode to maintain a proper personal-professional life balance. Interestingly, work from home comes with advantages ranging from a flexible schedule, reduced commutation costs as well as spending some quality time with your loved ones. On the other hand, work from home comes with its own set of challenges like an increased distraction or reduced productivity.

Work from home
Some tips to work from home with efficiency

But, don’t worry, in the course of this blog, I will walk you through seven tips to boost your work productivity while working from home.

1. Cloud storage for work efficiency

It is good to store all the important office documents on the cloud server. By doing so, you can log in from any device and complete your task. In this way, you can avoid the overdependence on office workstation. Work anytime, anywhere, without compromising on your data.

2. Official attire

Have you felt sleepy in your pajamas while working from home? Were you lazy to change? Dressing makes a lot of difference in one’s attitude and work. The better dressed you are, the more confident and attentive you are.

Hence, when you are working from home, try to be dressed in the formal, official outfit. It will give you a real office feel. Also, this makes you work with more seriousness.

3. Work – Friendship management

When you work from home, there is a chance of some friend dropping by to meet you. How can you avoid such unexpected run-ins and meetup? One can come out with a definite schedule to meet one’s friend. Make meetup plans for the weekend. Talk it out with your friend and make a mutually agreed schedule.

4. Regular office communication

There are chances of getting distracted when you are working from home. Hence, make sure that you are in regular touch with your colleagues. Connect to them via hangout, WhatsApp or email to get work updates. This will give you an office environment and keep you on your toes.

5. Customized work area

Do you have a dedicated area to work at your home? Having a separate room as your work area is essential to have maximum productivity. Even if it is not a proper work setup, a solitary room is required to keep up your focus.

6. Minimize social media usage

Social media is a necessary evil in the present-day world. Imagine doing your company job via Facebook and Whatsapp. In addition, social media has brought the world closer. But, it can become a nuisance when you work from home. Unending chats on Facebook or Whatsapp leads to a reply chain running over hours.

Now, you might ask, what if I am the social media handler of my company? The answer is simple. Turn off your message notifications. Only respond to company page updates on your social media. Train your mind to respond to personal social media stuff at a definite time of the day. Eventually, you will see the productivity gains from this exercise.

7. Calendar Maintenance

Planning is the first step towards completing your task with efficiency and effectiveness. Excel sheet is a simple way to create focussed plans with flexible updation features. Also, google calendar provides customized calendars for different business settings.

Make use of either of the above application while working from home. Plan meticulously and scrutinize your plan every week for optimum results.

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12 best twitter accounts to follow for every startup

Twitter was my best companion during my UPSC preparation days. My day started with surfing the daily news headlines through the accounts I followed. The new ideas brought in innovation to my answers.

Twitter continues to be my knowledge hub. As a writer, it gives me the opportunity to follow popular writing accounts. As a result, I have been adopting good writing practices to become a better writer every day.

In a similar way, twitter is the ideal knowledge platform for millions of entrepreneurs. In other words, Twitter is the cheapest medium to share ideas for small businesses like startups. Successful business magnates share ideas via videos, articles, links, etc which is free to share and access.

Twitter accounts
Twitter accounts to aid your startup growth

In this blog, I have compiled a list of twelve must follow twitter accounts for every startup. Get ready for some amazing information sharing experience.


1. Richard Branson @richardbranson

Richard Branson is an entrepreneur based in London. He is the founder of the Virgin Group. In 2007, he was Time’s 100 most influential person. His twitter feed is filled with both information and motivation. His tweets touch upon a wide range of issues like business setup, human rights, climate change, etc.

Best selling book of Richard Branson: Losing my virginity

TED Talk by Richard Branson: Life at 30,000 feet

Thought provoking tweet on ocean protection

2. Elon Musk @elonmusk

Elon Musk is an engineer and entrepreneur known famously as the founder of SpaceX, an aerospace company. His tweets give wide insights into space technology and renewable energy ideas. In addition, his feeds focus on his primary ventures based on artificial intelligence, Hyperloop technology, and electric vehicles.

If you are a core technology freak, you should not miss following his account.

Best selling book of Elon Musk: Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

TED Talk by Elon Musk: The mind behind Tesla, SpaceX and Solarcity.

3. Reid Hoffman @reidhoffman

Reid Hoffman is an author, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of LinkedIn which is a professional networking platform. His feed is filled with tweets and retweets from a number of peer entrepreneurs. For example, the tips on better work productivity come in handy for any small business. Also, Reid Hoffman shares regular podcasts which is an impetus for new ideas.

Best book by Reid Hoffman: The Start-up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career

TED Talk by Reid Hoffman:

4. Bill Gates @BillGates

One of the renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and investor, Bill Gates is the founder of the multinational software company Microsoft Incorporation. His account showcases the work of his foundation Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in addition to interesting technology news. The feed on education, health, and humanitarian issues are commendable and worth emulation.

Best book of Bill Gates: Business at the speed of thought

TED Talk by Bill Gates: Innovating to Zero

5. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw @kiranshaw

Kiran Mazumdar Shah is the founder and chairperson of Biocon Ltd, India’s leading pharmaceutical company. Her tweets give insights into both technological cum current national/international issues of significance. For example, her tweets on new inventions in the biopharmaceutical field stand out from the rest. Her handle is a must-follow for any knowledge seeking person.

6. Hiten Shaw @hnshah

Hiten Shaw is a popular investor in multiple startup platforms. The famous ventures include KISSmetrics and crazy egg. Make sure you follow his account to get motivational quotes in addition to startup updates.


1. Entrepreneur @Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur brings to your table daily tips to grow your business. A glance through the feed is enough to fill you with inspiration and creativity. Hence, do follow the account to arouse your creativity to the next level.

2. TechCrunch @TechCrunch

It is the one-stop account to catch up with all the technology news and its analysis. Also, blog compilation forms an integral part of TechCrunch feed. Be it content curation or content writing, TechCrunch acts as a reliable platform, to begin with.

3. Hubspot @HubSpot

Hubspot is an online platform for sales and inbound marketing. The twitter feed provides insights into tools for content marketing, SEO and Social media handling. Interestingly, one can frequent tweets of Hubspot help handles.

4. PaymentSource @payments_source

The account is focussed on news analysis from the payments domain. If you are looking for new solutions and ideas for your payment startup, PaymentSource is a must in your follow list.

5. Inc Magazine @Inc

Inc magazine presents business news and ideas in a lucid and interesting fashion. The views of renown personalities give ample scope for out of box thinking for a new business.

6. Forbes Magazine @Forbes

Forbes is the sought after platform for both businesses and non-businesses alike. The feed is replete with the experiences of professionals from different walks of life. Therefore, make it a point to follow Forbes for amazing business hacks.

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Stress-free productivity hacks for entrepreneurs

Say goodbye to stress, say hello to productivity

Are you an entrepreneur?

Are you working hard?

Have you been looking for perfection?

Have you been sweating hard?

If so, stress has taken over you.

It’s time for some course correction to put your entrepreneurial life back on track.

It is a common misconception that entrepreneurs lead a comfortable and stress-free life due to owning their business. On the other hand, entrepreneurs face multiple challenges ranging from finances, hiring employees to daily decision making. This takes a huge toll on the health of an entrepreneur eventually leading to stress.

Stress is a human body’s physical, mental or emotional response to a challenging situation. However, stress is a normal part of human life. Hence, stress management is pivotal for the smooth balance of one’s personal as well as professional life.

In the course of this blog, I will take you through some time tested techniques to toss the stress out of the window. Moreover, these simple hacks are applicable to both entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs alike.

1. Wake up with gratitude

Wake up with gratitude
Gratitude brings in greater productivity and peace of mind

Every morning when you wake up, fill up your mind with positive thoughts. Thank God for all the blessings in your life. Pray for the well-being of all the living and non-living beings of the world.

This practice helps in bringing positivity energy and keeps you peaceful throughout the day. When you are grateful in life, unnecessary expectations tend to reduce, thereby bringing in greater satisfaction.

2. Regular Exercise

Regular exercise as stress buster
Regular exercise for both physical and mental health

Aerobic exercises, as well as meditation, is a great way to start off your day on a rejuvenating note. It keeps you activated and refreshed throughout the day.

Aerobic exercises like jogging, cycling, swimming act as an instant stress-buster. Most significantly, it lowers your anxiety level, blood pressure and boosts your immune system. Moreover, one develops good immunity in addition to consistent sleep patterns.

While aerobic exercises contribute to one’s physical health, meditation contributes to one’s mental health. Deep meditation for as less as five minutes a day brings in increased concentration and workplace productivity.

3. Healthy nutrition

Be healthy, be stress free
Include fruits, vegetables and proteins in your diet for a healthy lifestyle

Many of us have a tendency to skip meals due to our tight work schedule. While this contributes to temporary work productivity, it adds further fuel to increased stress. Also, stress induces the junk food culture.

Hence, it is ideal that one takes a balanced diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and adequate proteins. With adequate nutrition comes increased blood circulation and brain activation. On the whole, good nutrition is the fundamental means to remain active and healthy throughout.

4. Journal writing to release stress

Journal writing for stress relief
Plan meticulously, prioritize tasks.

Most of the workplace stress arises out of lack of planning and review. When there are many unprioritized tasks, it is natural for the brain to seek refugee in stress. Hence, it’s important to maintain a journal to keep track of one’s daily progress on both personal as well as professional front.

Make it a habit to plan your day everyday morning. Prioritize the tasks clearly with the time needed to achieve the tasks. At the end of the day, make an unbiased review of your progress. Be as brutal as possible with yourself. In the long run, only a critical review will get you organized and reduce stress.

5. Frequent workplace breaks to reduce stress

Frequent work place break
Frequent work place break to reduce stress and increase productivity

As an entrepreneur, we get so attached to our job that we are reluctant to take a small five minutes break. Though the notion, time is money hold good, a break is a necessary ingredient to reduce stress.

A break is a time to stretch your body muscles away from the monotonous posture. It is a time to reflect on new ideas to further enhance your productivity. One can go for a coffee break or just a walk across the office or neighborhood.

6. Digital device break

Digital device break
Take a break from social media to enhance creativity and concentration

We live in a technology era. We are surrounded by digital gadgets ranging from mobile phone to laptop. Our life runs around these gadgets and we cannot imagine our life without them. How many of us can resist opening our social media as soon as we wake up? Probably, not many of us.

Overuse of digital devices brings in both psychological and physical issues. The light from digital devices causes serious harm to one’s eyes resulting in headaches, eye-pains, etc. Also, the constant use of social media brings in social stress, anxiety, commonly known as FOMO ( fear of being missing out).

Hence, it is advisable that one takes a complete break from technology for at least one hour before sleep. This relaxes one’s eyes and nervous system resulting in sound sleep devoid of anxious thoughts.

7. Association with like-minded people

Association with right people
Associate with like minded people to learn and grow together.

As the proverb goes, birds of a feather flock together. People with similar interests, when associated together, can do wonders. As an entrepreneur, you have to be in touch with your peer professionals to ensure the flow of constructive ideas.

The sharing of ideas help you grow as an informed and skilled individual in the days to come. Further, this association helps you to learn from the challenges faced by your peer entrepreneurs and take corrective decisions. For example, Mark Zuckerberg found an ideal mentor in Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerberg adopted Steve Jobs innovative technique of hiring new recruits by taking them out on long walks into the woods.

8. Regular vacations

Regular Vacation
Take frequent vacations to boost performance.

Studies from across the world prove that long vacations are essential to enhance your work productivity by reducing stress. Regular travelers enjoy a positive outlook towards life, better immunity, enhanced cardiovascular health and an overall sense of well-being.

Hence, the next time you get stressed out, book a long vacation to the mountains of Rishikesh or the city of Udaipur. You will not regret the break that brings in enhanced well-being and happiness.

9. Practice a hobby

Pursue a hobby for greater satisfaction and relaxation.

At times, your regular job becomes monotonous and the going gets tough. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. How to be tough and resilient? Practice a hobby or passion that is close to your heart. It could be reading, writing, photography or gardening.

Keep aside some part of your day or week to practice and nurture your hobby. It brings in a sense of satisfaction and gives you a sense of relaxation. Hence, a hobby is essential to boost your performance in both personal and professional life.

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Hundred motivational quotes for success

Evergreen quotes to keep you inspired and take you towards success

What do you mean by success in business? Is it just about the idea? How important are interpersonal skills? Have you craved for something inspirational to keep you going? Further, isn’t persistence an enviable quality given the enormous challenges of the entrepreneurial life.

An entrepreneur is a person who brings in a new business idea to the table. But, an idea doesn’t manifest itself into success overnight. It requires sheer grit, hard work, perseverance and above all unflinching hope to make it a success.

In pursuance of this, we can learn a lot from seasoned entrepreneurs. Most importantly, tracing their growth journey is crucial to learn about the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Inspirational quotes for success

In this blog, I will take you through a hundred quotes given by successful people. These quotes relate to different qualities of an entrepreneur in particular and successful people in general. I am sure, these quotes will handhold you both in your entrepreneurship as well as non-entrepreneurship journey.

1.Leadership quotes for success

  • “You don’t have to hold a position in order to be a leader.” – Henry Ford
  • “True leadership stems from individuality that is honestly and sometimes imperfectly expressed… Leaders should strive for authenticity over perfection.” – Sheryl Sandberg
  • “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” – Michael Jordan
  • “Leadership is a matter of having people look at you and gain confidence, seeing how you react. If you’re in control, they’re in control.” – Tom Landry
  • “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” – Ronald Reagan
  • “A person always doing his or her best becomes a natural leader, just by example.” – Joe DiMaggio
  • “A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.” – Rosalynn Carter
  • “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – President John Quincy Adams
  • “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” – Martin Luther King Jr.
  • “Leadership consists of nothing but taking responsibility for everything that goes wrong and giving your subordinates credit for everything that goes well.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower


  • The works must be conceived with fire in the soul but executed with clinical coolness – Joan Miró
  • “Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” 
    ― Rumi
  • If you’re not doing some things that are crazy, then you’re doing the wrong things – Larry Page
  • Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion – Jack Kerouac
  • You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have – Maya Angelou
  • If it doesn’t sell; it isn’t creative – David Ogilvy
  • The principal mark of genius is not perfection but originality, the opening of new frontiers – Arthur Koestler
  • “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” 
    ― Henry Thomas Buckle
  • “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” 
    ― Pablo Picasso
  • “Creativity takes courage. ” 
    ― Henri Matisse


  • Few ideas work on the first try. Iteration is key to innovation – Sebastian Thrun
  • Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth – Peter Drucker
  • Collaboration and augmentation are the foundational principles of innovation – Vaclav Smil
  • Innovation comes out of great human ingenuity and very personal passions – Megan Smith
  • I think frugality drives innovation, just like other constraints do. One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out – Jeff Bezos
  • Innovation requires an experimental mindset – Denise Morrison
  • Innovation is like looking for pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. You have to find a lot of pieces that don’t match to find the one or two pieces that match. – – Edward Conard
  • The history of innovation is the story of ideas that seemed dumb at the time – Andy Dunn
  • Innovation comes from the producer – not from the customer – W. Edwards Deming
  • Innovation is serendipity, so you don’t know what people will make – Tim Berners-Lee


4.Confidence Quotes for success

  • “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller
  • Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.- Theodore Roosevelt
  • One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.- Arthur Ashe
  • With the realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world. – Dalai Lama
  • Self-confidence is the memory of success. – David Storey
  • Confidence is preparation.  Everything else is beyond your control. – Richard Kline
  • It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures — Oprah Winfrey

  • Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong — Peter T. Mcintyre

  • The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence — Blake Lively

  • Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will – Suzy Kassem


  • There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living – Nelson Mandela
  • Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life. To be successful, it is also very important to be humble and never let fame or money travel to your head – A. R. Rahman
  • Without vision, even the most focused passion is a battery without a device – Ken Auletta
    Find your passion, set a goal, go to work, evaluate, reassess, and repeat – Elana Meyers
  • If you have passion, there is no need for excuses because your enthusiasm will trump any negative reasoning you might come up with. Enthusiasm makes excuses a nonissue – Wayne Dyer
  • Passion rebuilds the world for the youth. It makes all things alive and significant – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • As reason is a rebel to faith, so passion is a rebel to reason – Thomas Browne
    But life is long. And it is the long run that balances the short flare of interest and passion – Sylvia Plath
  • “Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.” —Jon Bon Jovi
  • “Passion is the genesis of genius.” —Tony Robbins


6.Perseverance quotes for success


  • No one succeeds without effort… Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance – Ramana Maharshi
  • Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th – Julie Andrews
  • Perseverance and perspective until victory – Lincoln Diaz-Balart
  • In the realm of ideas, everything depends on enthusiasm… in the real world, all rests on perseverance. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • Perseverance – a lowly virtue whereby mediocrity achieves an inglorious success – Ambrose Bierce
  • Perseverance is also key to success in any endeavor, but without perseverance in combat, there can be no victory – Jocko Willink
  • Everything that I’ve ever been able to accomplish in skating and in life has come out of adversity and perseverance – Scott Hamilton
  • The king knows with what ardor and perseverance I have at all times been devoted to the cause of liberty and to the principles of humanity, equality, and justice – Marquis de Lafeyette
  • Perseverance is more prevailing than violence; and many things which cannot be overcome when they are together, yield themselves up when taken little by little – Plutarch
  • Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do – Pele


7. Determination quotes for success

  • What does it take to be a champion? Desire, dedication, determination, concentration and the will to win – Patty Berg
  • The determination to win is the better part of winning – Daisaku Ikeda
  • Victory is the child of preparation and determination – Sean Hampton
  • You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction. – George Horace Lorimer
  • Determination becomes an obsession and then it becomes all that matters – Jeremy Irvine
  • Do not underestimate the determination of a quiet man – Iain Duncan Smith
  • Change is hard and requires constant struggle and determination – Sadiq Khan
  • A determined person will do more with a pen and paper than a lazy person will accomplish with a personal computer.  – Catherine Pulsifer 
  • A vow is fixed and unalterable determination to do a thing when such a determination is related to something noble which can only uplift the man who makes the resolve.–Mahatma Gandhi
  • Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal — a commitment to excellence — that will enable you to attain the success you seek. –  Mario Andretti

8. Discipline quotes for success

  • To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him – Buddha
  • It was the character that got us out of bed, the commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through – Zig Ziglar
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are pursuing success in business, sports, the arts, or life in general: The bridge between wishing and accomplishing is discipline. – Harvey Mackay
  • Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.   -Abraham Joshua Heschel
  • Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all. – George Washington
  • There is one thing that gets you out of bed in the morning, and that is discipline. Because your dreams and your goals are not there waking up for you in the morning – Jocko Willink
  • Discipline is just doing the same thing the right way whether anyone’s watching or not – Michael J. Fox
  • Even as you make progress, you need the discipline to keep from backtracking and sabotaging the success as it’s happening – Nipsey Hussle
  • The only discipline that lasts is self-discipline – Bum Phillips
  • Discipline strengthens the mind so that it becomes impervious to the corroding influence of fear.    – Bernard Law Montgomery

9.Decisiveness quotes for success

  • The one word that makes a good manager – decisiveness. – Lee Iacocca
  • The way to develop decisiveness is to start right where you are, with the very next question you face. -Napoleon Hill
  • “Decisiveness is often the art of timely cruelty.” – Henry Becque
  • “Direct threats require decisive  action”  – Dick Cheney
  • “Clarity and decisiveness come from the willingness to slow down, to listen and look at what’s happening.” – Pema Chodron
  • “Decisiveness is the number one quality of a dynamic leader: his ability to communicate a decision with passion and integrity is an art form.” – Farshad Asi
  • “Energy, confidence and decisiveness is 90% of the battle.” –  Craig Cackowski
  • “Your decisiveness is your determination. Your chase is your goal and your joy is your life.”  – Ruturaj Uttarwar
  • “Be decisive. A wrong decision is generally less disastrous than indecision.” Bernhard Langer 
  • “All the paths kneel before the decisive minds!”  – Mehmet Murat Ildan


  • The older I get, the more open-minded I get, the less judgmental I get – Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Without an open-minded mind, you can never be a great success – Martha Stewart
  • One of the best paradoxes of leadership is a leader’s need to be both stubborn and open-minded. A leader must insist on sticking to the vision and stay on course to the destination. But he must be open-minded during the process – Simon Sinek
  • Stay open-minded; stay focused. Train hard and train smart. For me, the older I get, the smarter I have to train also because the recovery time is longer. Work on everything: become a well-rounded fighter – don’t just be good at one thing; be good at everything – Brock Lesnar
  • I think when you’re young, you’re a lot more open-minded, and sometimes you’re a lot more perceptive about what’s going on in the world – Zendaya
  • You have to be open-minded, and you have to be critical, and you have to let go of your predispositions about what you’ve been told that doesn’t have foundations in evidence – Carl Hart
  • If you are open-minded and you let the universe come in, you never know where things might go – Adam Neumann
  • “It is a narrow mind which cannot look at a subject from various points of view.” 
    ― George Eliot, MiddleMarch
  • “Let yourself be open and life will be easier. A spoon of salt in a glass of water makes the water undrinkable. A spoon of salt in a lake is almost unnoticed.” 
    ― Buddha
  • “Renewal requires opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and feeling” 
    ― Deborah Day

Overall, these quotes are applicable to any profession per se. Irrespective of your background, these quotes have valuable takeaways for every person. For example, perseverance and determination in the face of failure is the hallmark of any successful person. Challenges are an essential ingredient for growth and development. Hence, the best use of the quotes is by putting it into diligent practice.

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