Six best tips for permanent happiness for a lifetime

Happiness is a state of mind Meena’s world came crashing down last week. She was standing at the end of a dark tunnel. She craved for sleep, but sleep played hide and seek with her. She yearned for happiness, but in vain. Her mind lingered back to last week. “Mr. Rupesh has been promoted as […]

What makes a great leader?

Leaders make their actions do all the talking Year 18th July 1980 was a landmark day for India. Dr. Abdul Kalam was the leader of the ISRO team which successfully launched Rohini satellite into the orbit. The missile man conducted the press conference along with his team. But, his success was not easy, nor was it […]

7 tips to work from home with efficiency

Productivity with flexibility The present-day workplace is becoming more and more flexible. Employees are preferring the work from home mode to maintain a proper personal-professional life balance. Interestingly, work from home comes with advantages ranging from a flexible schedule, reduced commutation costs as well as spending some quality time with your loved ones. On the […]

Nine golden tips to enhance your communication skills

With the right words, you can be one step ahead of others Were you ever short of the right words during communication? But, ended up with ‘Man Ki Baat’? Did you become the black sheep in the crowd of eloquent yet effective speakers? Jokes apart, effective communication is one of the biggest challenges in one’s […]

12 best twitter accounts to follow for every startup

Twitter was my best companion during my UPSC preparation days. My day started with surfing the daily news headlines through the accounts I followed. The new ideas brought in innovation to my answers. Twitter continues to be my knowledge hub. As a writer, it gives me the opportunity to follow popular writing accounts. As a […]

Stress-free productivity hacks for entrepreneurs

Say goodbye to stress, say hello to productivity   Are you an entrepreneur? Are you working hard? Have you been looking for perfection? Have you been sweating hard? If so, stress has taken over you. It’s time for some course correction to put your entrepreneurial life back on track. It is a common misconception that […]

Hundred motivational quotes for success

Evergreen quotes to keep you inspired and take you towards success What do you mean by success in business? Is it just about the idea? How important are interpersonal skills? Have you craved for something inspirational to keep you going? Further, isn’t persistence an enviable quality given the enormous challenges of the entrepreneurial life. An […]