The UPI vs Wallets war: Who is the winner?

The UPI vs Wallets war: Who is the winner?

Choose the best payments platform for your business Recent research suggests that between 2021-22 & 2024-25, UPI will dominate payments space with 59% payment transactions. Interestingly, UPI clocked a whopping 1.31 billion transactions in December 2019. Further, UPI has been dethroning popular payments medium like Wallets, Digital Cards, etc. In other words, UPI vs Wallets debate is […]

Top 12 UPI-IMPS Difference that You should not Miss


Choose the Best Payment Mode to Grow your Business Did you know that the Asia Pacific region is one of the strongest growing markets worldwide? Expert prediction of the compound annual growth rate of 35.2% justifies this fact. Interestingly, nations like India and China are pioneering market growth via online payment modes. Of the numerous […]

How to make and send an awesome GST invoice

Everything you wanted to know about GST Invoice Goods and Services Tax was conceived in the year 2017  with the intention of simplifying the taxation system in the country. In other words, it has subsumed the indirect taxes in the country. The indirect taxes like state VAT, service charge, etc is subsumed under GST. With […]

Banking in India Explained

Service your needs through the banking institutions Confused with the choice of a banking institution for your business? Right kind of funding is important for the health of any business. In other words, funding at the appropriate time gives more freedom for creativity and innovation. A well-funded business has more leverage for expansion and growth. […]

Frauds in Online Payments Explained

Simple tips to avoid frauds A study conducted by the Center for Strategy and International Studies (CSIS) & McAfee show that online fraud is equivalent to 0.8% of the world’s GDP. Most importantly, payment frauds form a major part of this figure. Online payment frauds connote the illegal transaction by fraudulently acquiring the customer’s credentials. For example, it takes […]