How to Get B2B Leads from Google Ads in 9 Steps

How to Get B2B Leads from Google Ads in 9 Steps

Google Ads has always been an efficient advertising tool for B2B organizations when you ask how to get leads from Google for B2B. How to Get Leads from Google? Running a successful B2B PPC campaign on Google Ads, on the other hand, isn’t as simple as it looks. Setting up a campaign is simple, but […]

Seven best business presentation tips that everyone should know

TIPS TO ELEVATE YOUR PRESENTATION SKILLS There are a number of awesome tips to enhance your speaking skills with a business presentation that will take you to the heights of glory forever. Confusing isn’t it? This is what happens when you are not precise and concise in your business presentation. The essence of any business […]

What makes a great leader?

Leaders make their actions do all the talking Year 18th July 1980 was a landmark day for India. Dr. Abdul Kalam was the leader of the ISRO team which successfully launched Rohini satellite into the orbit. The missile man conducted the press conference along with his team. But, his success was not easy, nor was it […]

Nine steps to develop a B2B blog

Blogging your way to boost business growth What was your feeling when you wrote your first ever blog? What was the most challenging part of writing a blog? Was it research or the articulation of ideas? It depends on the type of blog you intend to pen down. Blogs topics involve travel, food, hobbies, technology, […]

Innovative techniques for business growth

Tips and tricks to build your business with less investment Started your own business but lost hopes on not seeing any growth? Capital investment, technology up-gradation, marketing, etc not paying any dividend? If so, you are missing out on some nitty-gritty of business growth. Successful businesses try to replicate the good practices of their peers. […]

7 tips to work from home with efficiency

Productivity with flexibility The present-day workplace is becoming more and more flexible. Employees are preferring the work from home mode to maintain a proper personal-professional life balance. Interestingly, work from home comes with advantages ranging from a flexible schedule, reduced commutation costs as well as spending some quality time with your loved ones. On the […]