8 Secrets Of Retail Marketing Strategies To Boost Sales


Any retail business that does not produce revenue is destined to fail. However, it is next to impossible to generate revenue without promotion. Retail strategies are concerned with how new and current customers, as well as the market or segment to which your retail store belongs, perceive and talk about your business. Retail Strategies Using […]

The Secrets Of Successful Retail Advertising In An Online Era

Retail Advertising

The fastest-growing market in the retail business is eCommerce. Consumers are unlikely to completely abandon offline buying, but as we can see, they have begun to appreciate internet purchasing more. Retail advertising should be a part of your marketing mix if you have both an offline and online presence. This will assist you in broadening […]

4 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Retail Marketing Game

retail marketing

The customer is supreme. The first and most significant aspect of your retail marketing approach should be this. Many individuals believe that retail simply refers to when a product reaches the store’s shelves. That, however, is not the case. Pricing, visibility, and product values are other factors. What is the Definition of Retail Marketing? The […]

Best 10 Banking Trends That Will Be Game-Changing in 2022

During the pandemic, prolonged lockdowns encouraged the use of digital banking trends. Consumers quickly adopted digital payments via smartphone apps, which they had previously been hesitant to use. Banks’ focus on digitization and user-centricity has shifted in the previous two years. The pandemic has set the bar exceptionally high for digital banking trends. For the […]

BaaS: Everything You Need To Know In 4 Simple Points


While the pandemic has had a significant impact on traditional banking, it has also aided in the quick acceptance of digital banking. Meanwhile, Indian FinTechs are thriving and have a hand in practically every aspect of banking. We will undoubtedly see more digital financial goods in the future, given the government’s push to increase support […]

API Banking: 4 Super Easy Points To Keep In Mind

API Banking

With the introduction of the Application Programming Interface (API) economy in the last ten years, we’ve witnessed ordinary banking radically shift. It’s a novel approach to sharing software and data that involves merging the functionality of one application with that of another through API Banking. Have you ever wondered how your smartphone assists you in […]

With SabPaisa Payout, bulk payments are now hassle-free

With SabPaisa Payout, bulk payments are now hassle-free

Businesses function through cycles of payments, and a strong financial management system is the core of every business. Whether you are collecting payments from customers or paying your vendors and employees, businesses are dependent on payment systems 24/7. While a business is, of course, interested in bringing in revenue, the payout is also incredibly important […]

Security feature: UPI vs Wallets vs Digital Cards

Security feature: UPI vs Wallets vs Digital Cards

How secure is your payment ecosystem? The other day I was chatting with a villager on my trip to Rajasthan. He was the owner of a large oilseeds field. Unfortunately, he faced a crop failure due to a delay in rains. Luckily, the crop insurance scheme was his savior. “What mode do you use for insurance […]

Can Artificial Intelligence Bring Magic for UPI Payments in 2020?

Can Artificial Intelligence Bring Magic for UPI Payments in 2020?

AI is here to simplify your business’s payments   When was the last time you logged into a payment gateway website and was greeted by a chatbot? What was your feeling when all your queries were addressed in a seamless and systematic manner? Did you ever wonder what drives the chatbots? The answer lies in […]

5 Ways How UPI is Changing the Payments Ecosystem in India

5 Ways How UPI is Changing the Payments Ecosystem in India

UPI has touched almost all sectors of India   Last week, I was at a new tea shop near my house. The tea cost me a meager ten rupees. But, upon checking my wallet, I was shocked to find it empty. The shop owner read my situation and told me, “Madam you can pay via GooglePay. […]