6 Powerful Types of B2B Video Marketing Your Company Needs

6 Powerful Types of B2B Video Marketing Your Company Needs

Video is becoming a more effective marketing strategy thanks to the expansion of sites like YouTube, Vine, and Vimeo. With 90% of online buyers finding videos helpful during the decision-making process, their value extends to sales qualification and conversion as well. Video marketing is an integral part of content marketing. Check out the best marketing […]

Learn the predictions for UPI payments in 2020

Learn the predictions for UPI payments in 2020

What bodes well for the future of UPI? Crisil’s research shows that digital payments in India seem to grow at a CAGR of 12.7% and may jump to Rs. 4,055 lakh crore in FY24 with a five-year CAGR of 20%. Also, prediction shows that UPI payments will dominate the payments space with 59% payment transactions. […]

How to Setup UPI with these Simple Three Steps

UPI Setup

Take Your Payment Experience to the Next Level with UPI Unified Payments Interface or UPI was launched in the year 2016 to anchor digital payments in the country. Launched by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) post demonetization, UPI is a real-time payment settlement system facilitating interbank transactions. The UPI setup process comes with simple […]

Everything you ever Wanted to Know about Unified Payments Interface(UPI)

Unified Payments Interface

Unified Payments Interface was launched in the year 2016, and is an instant, real-time payment settlement system in India. In the last three years, UPI has been anchoring the government’s digital revolution in India. Recently, UPI crossed 1 billion transactions and added 100 million users for the month of October 2019. On a year-on-year basis, UPI […]

Best marketing tactics for your Facebook page

Marketing techniques to scale up your page visibility Do you believe in your business growth through a Facebook page? No, you are wrong! On the other hand, marketing your Facebook page is the best way to grow your business. Top Facebook pages rely on time-tested techniques to reach their targeted audience. Did you flounder the […]

Seven Best Tools For Digital Marketing

Tools to unleash the creativity in you The gleaming sunshine, the twinkling stars, and the misty raindrops have intrigued human beings from time immemorial. How about taking the experience to the next level? How about immortalizing them in your creations? If you are into digital marketing, nature is the best place to look for inspiration. […]

Nine steps to develop a B2B blog

Blogging your way to boost business growth What was your feeling when you wrote your first ever blog? What was the most challenging part of writing a blog? Was it research or the articulation of ideas? It depends on the type of blog you intend to pen down. Blogs topics involve travel, food, hobbies, technology, […]