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Mobile Game Development: 9 Trends To Follow This Year

Mobile Game Development: 9 Trends To Follow This Year

Since the emergence of smartphones, the mobile game market has grown. The COVID 19 pandemic boosted the mobile gaming market share even more. If you are intending to produce a mobile game, now is the greatest time to learn about mobile game development trends.So no doubt that now is the moment to embark on a gaming app development project. To keep ahead of the competition, however, it is vital to understand the mobile game development trends.

In order to have a decent ROI, you should investigate how to promote a mobile game.

Do you believe you have enough information to get started? If so, have a look at the following gaming industry trends!


Trends In Mobile Game Development To Watch:-


Trends In Mobile Game Development

1. Virtual Reality

One of the most recent app developments is virtual reality. The trend is not limited to video games. For gaming, virtual reality can provide your audience with exactly what they are looking for — an immersive experience.

PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive are among the VR headsets that have captured the interest of the public. Are you keen to capitalize on the growth of mobile gaming? Then think about selling hardware that is compatible with your VR game app.

The current VR headsets on the market are pricey, but this is expected to change soon. They will soon be affordable to most gamers. VR will be the next big thing. As a result, it’s one of the mobile game development trends to keep an eye on.


2. Augmented Reality

Pokémon Go is the best illustration of AR for folks who don’t comprehend technical lingo. Because of its popularity, we believe everyone recalls this name.

According to mobile game industry estimates, Pokémon Go has surpassed 750 million downloads. We believe the data are sufficient to inform you what to expect next. While VR will provide an entirely new world, AR will transform the one we now have.

AR transforms the real environment into a game by utilizing technology such as GPS, computer graphics, and others. AR is still in its early stages.

However, the success of Pokémon Go shows the promise of augmented reality. Needless to say, augmented reality is a popular video game trend.


3. Esports

Live gaming events are a relatively new phenomenon. People have moved on from their regular gaming competitions in their living rooms. People now gather publically to compete in video games.

esports is a multiplayer video game played competitively in front of an audience.

Consider incorporating two game development trends with esports into your game development planning.

AR and VR are two possible trends. Such a one-of-a-kind concept will provide you an advantage over your competitors.


4. Face Recipient Recognition

Surprised? You probably did not expect to see face recognition on the list of game development app trends. Until recently, face recognition was largely associated with security-related applications. But all that is about to change. It is also likely to appear in video games. A mobile game will become more appealing if users can interact with their doppelgangers.

Face recognition and 3D technology can help make this possible. Face recognition is already used in a variety of different applications, and the gaming business will be no exception. We recommend that you discuss the use of facial recognition technologies in games with your game development team.


5. Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is one of those mobile game development concepts that exist in the market but has yet to be fully realized. Every day, microcontrollers and computers advance.

It will make it easy for gamers to choose an item from the list. It will not only improve the UI of your game but will also enable social media involvement.

There are currently applications for this technology in the mobile game industry. And there’s more. Developers and industry titans are already eager to learn more about its full potential.


6. Wearable

Wearable technology is not a new concept. Millennials rely on wearables to complete daily tasks on the fly. Wearables were primarily utilized for fitness, but the emphasis is now on employing this technology for gaming.

It is one of the mobile app industry trends that will affect the gaming business. This technology is already used by MadRat Games in SuperSuit.

It is a gaming platform that may be worn. The goal is to limit children’s screen time. In addition, the goal is to promote children’s social contact and physical activity.

As you learn more about wearables in gaming, you may discover a previously unseen breakthrough.


7. A Drive Down Memory Lane

No one can resist the allure of playing their favorite childhood games. So, replicating ancient video games is unquestionably one of the mobile game development trends to keep an eye on.

Furthermore, if the rebuilt games adhere to the most recent game design trends, you will be able to attract a larger audience.

The major audience for such games would, of course, be adults. However, you can also appeal to younger generations by incorporating new graphics or functionality.


8. Expand The Social Aspect

Humans require social interaction. It is one of their most basic requirements. The socializing feature of games can be quite beneficial in the time of a pandemic.

Players will spend more time in the game if they befriend other players. Spending more time on the game implies that players will extend their membership duration.

It appears that workers will be working remotely for a while given the current COVID 19 situation. Most individuals will be confined to their houses until everything is safe.

As a result, one of the mobile game development trends is to increase the social part of your fantasy game.


9. Improved Involvement Of Gamers In The Decision Making Process

With the passage of time, the process of generating games has developed. Previously, coders created it and the marketing team sold it.

Mobile game marketing now necessitates the collaboration of both teams. To promote their game, the creators will use an increasing amount of user-generated content.

One approach that creators will take is to use user-generated content to fuel their marketing strategy across generations. It is the growth of both developers and gamers.


There is no denying that as technology advances, gamer/audiences expect the gaming experience to improve as well. Based on these mobile game development trends, it is possible to predict that the whole gaming experience will become more immersive and realistic.

AR/VR will introduce users to new gadgets. Furthermore, gaming has already established itself as a major mode of communication among millennial’s. Overall, gaming is helping to promote a more inclusive culture while also keeping players engaged.

Millennial’s‘ principal sources of self-expression are currently gaming and social media. They are likely to grow more popular soon. Hire a reputable android game development firm to make your game app a success. A professional team will ensure that your audience has a consistent gaming experience regardless of device. Finding the proper developers may appear to be a big endeavor right now, but a little research will go a far way toward assisting you in making the right option. Remember that your app’s development staff can make or kill it.

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