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7 Super Easy and Useful Tips for Marketing Games Online

7 Super Easy And Useful Tips For Marketing Games Online

Are you a gamer who also owns a gaming website? Do you have any effective tips for marketing games online? No? Not a big problem! This article is a guide for newcomers to marketing games, which is essential for business owners to understand. Now is the time to read it!

The why and how of marketing games online

So, let’s say you’ve finally finished developing your game after months of hard work. We understand that creating a game takes time, but what good is a game if no one knows about it? Yes, you will need to market your newly developed game so that more people become aware of it. Numerous platforms are available today for marketing games online. All you need is a good marketing games strategy and so much patience because success does not happen overnight!

In this article, we’ll go over the various methods for marketing games online. But first, let’s address an issue that many people are concerned about. Yes, you guessed correctly!

Is it true that games are good for your brain?

Marketing Games Online

Health Benefits of Games

Many people believe that playing video games is bad for your brain’s health. However, some studies and research back up the claim that video games improve brain health. This may appear to be a heinous claim, but it is correct.

The following are five important benefits of video games that many people are unaware of. So,  to learn more about them, you must read all the way to the end.

1. They improve your mood

If you’re tired from working all day and want to unwind for a while, playing your favourite video game will undoubtedly improve your mood. One way to improve your mood is to experience a sense of victory.

2. You will be educating your brain

By playing video games on a smartphone or game console, players exercise their brains and develop innovative and tactical puzzle-solving skills.

3. You’ll be able to meet multiple objectives simultaneously

If you enjoy playing role-playing games or even first-person shooters, you must have quick reflexes to adapt to the game’s changing environment. Video games are no longer made simple; they require multitasking. Yes, the game expects you to manage multiple objects and goals simultaneously to win.

4. Quick intelligence

Assume you’re the only player left on your team, and your avatar is about to be knocked out. It’s not worth losing the game as well. You must now make quick and accurate decisions or you will lose the match. In contrast, if you quickly analyse and react to the game, you will not only win the game, but you will also be able to brag about it in front of the team.

5. Precision

As previously stated, when you play a video game, you are training your brain to solve complex puzzles. Many games will require you to make split-second decisions with minimal losing chances.


7 Methods for Marketing Games Online

You believe you have created an amazing game that will go viral in a matter of days or weeks. You should expect little traffic for your game until (or unless) your company has a big name in the gaming industry. So, the first and most important thing to understand when you need to promote a new game website is that marketing games are as important as developing an exciting game.

The following are the top 7 Marketing Games Strategies to consider if you want to make a significant impact:-

1. Contact trending influencers

In the past, social media influencers promoted many viral games. However, this work has not been adopted by a large number of game developers. This could be due to their inability to reach out to social media influencers.

According to research, 40% of users purchased products directly from the recommendations of influencers. But what makes it work? Because up to 70% of teenagers believe the opinions of the influencers they follow. Furthermore, six out of ten teenagers take advice from influencers they follow. With these figures, it is clear, that influencer marketing is an essential channel.

2. Produce video content

How can you expect your target audience to play your video game if they are unaware of its gameplay? This is one of the reasons you should produce both a game-play video and a promotional video.

3. Establish a social media presence

Creating an online presence is the most effective (and least expensive) way to reach out to your target audience. Online presence entails creating a social media profile on various platforms and sharing your content with readers.

Other important reasons for maintaining a strong social media presence include staying familiar with your audience and increasing user acquisition. Create a strong team to assist you in managing your social channels, and you will see results!

4. Participate in social media blogs

Along with creating social media profiles on various platforms, you should also join various gaming blogs. Most blog sites will allow you to market your games, which will increase the exposure of your game.

Such blog groups can be found on social media platforms such as Google Plus, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

5. Promote your game in a variety of  ways

When you have a variety of apps and games, you can promote them through one another. It could imply that a free app with no clear revenue model can be turned into a channel for cross-advertisement for your money-generating game.

6. Create a basic website

Creating a simple but effective website is also regarded as an effective marketing games strategy. This way, you can provide vital information to all prospective customers. Furthermore, you can include promotional material on it. Just make sure you upload all the information that goes with your new game to the website.

7. Obtain feedback

Receiving positive feedback from your customers about your game will also encourage people to buy and download it. Keep in mind that the more positive reviews your game receives, the more people will be drawn to it.


After you’ve created a website for your game, you should submit it to a well-known business directory. Check that the information in the business listing directory is correct and informative.

Marketing games are the best way to grow! Take charge of your new game’s marketing and make it a success. Marketing games is simple if you follow the strategies outlined in this blog.

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