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ASO For Games: 4 Amazing Trends To Follow

ASO For Games: 4 Amazing Trends To Follow

ASO For Games: 4 Amazing Trends To Follow

Let’s start with defining ASO for games, why it’s so crucial, and how it may help you build your games. Also, let’s look at what changes you may expect in the App Stores and how they will influence you.

This post will shed some light on games ASO, and how it will become more relevant as a trend for growing your games.As an indie developer, you should not overlook the problem of app store optimization. ASO for games is getting more important for turning it into top-earning hits.

What is ASO (App Store Optimization)?

Let’s keep it simple: ASO (App Store Optimization) is using the presentation of your mobile apps and games in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store as a tactic to recruit people. Because you are not directly paying for each install, ASO installs are considered organic. The more organic installs, the better. However, depending on where your product is in its life cycle, you may wish to target a specific consumer.

Apps improve their app store pages by utilizing precise keywords and phrases as well as showcasing captivating yet appropriate graphic elements. Using highly relevant keywords in the content of your app store pages will almost certainly improve your chances of ranking higher in search results. The search algorithm will then recognize your app as relevant for those specific search queries. The higher your app ranks, the more likely store visitors will install it.

If you’re not new to the digital industry, this may seem familiar.

Why is ASO for games still relevant?

App Store Optimization (ASO) modifies the app pages in the App Stores. It is the final stage of all your acquisition funnels, whether organic or paid.

All users that find your games through online searches, social media campaigns, search engine ads, in-app ads, or referrals end up on the App Store for your apps or games.

You must improve your product page by optimizing it for specific keywords and making it as appealing as possible. When consumers reach this point in all your conversion funnels, you may convert those visits to your product page into installs.

Games ASO is still a barrier for independent developers.

ASO For Games: 4 Amazing Trends To Follow

ASO for games is still regarded as the most difficult task for indie developers when it comes to promoting their apps and games.As more apps are released each day and app stores become more crowded, it becomes more difficult to stand out. The rise of dedicated ASO departments within large corporations and ASO agencies makes the market even more inaccessible.

On the plus side, numerous ASO  tools are available. These tools can help you optimize your app store pages. Also, information on the ASO’s hidden arts is becoming more widely available.

In any case, ASO for games is not something you should neglect because it still has a significant impact on the growth of your gaming app.

According to the App Stores’ official statistics, more than 50% to 60% of all apps are discovered through App Store and Google Play searches.

According to the industry, when done correctly, ASO may increase organic downloads by up to 40% over time across all markets. This has a direct impact on your Life Time Value (LTV), retention KPIs, and other revenue indicators.

4 ASO for games Trends To Follow

1. Keyword strategies have become more sophisticated.

Apps have been fine-tuning their marketing techniques not only in mature regions but also in new markets.

Previously, all app developers competed for top rankings on the most popular keywords in each category. The primary goal is to increase installs in the short term.

Developers are now cultivating their ASO and App Store Pages to see rewards in the medium and long term. In this approach, thorough keyword research is critical. Indie developers are more concerned with locating high-quality keywords that will lead to new ranking opportunities and boost app relevancy.

2. App Store Pages anticipates the needs of the client.

As more App Marketing Agencies enter the market, the emphasis switches and becomes more client-centered. Previously, product developers showed their apps.

That will not be enough, and you will need to research, comprehend, and meet your clients’ deepest desires. The most notable example is that, during the pandemic, most games began emphasizing their social elements.

3. Attribution data is aligned with ASO data.

It all began when Google Play Console combined organic and paid shop search traffic. Along with Apple’s deprecation of IDFA (The Identifier for Advertisers), ASO appears as an option to mitigate its potential damage.

4. Static Screenshots are replaced by video material.

With auto pay capabilities and YouTube integration, Google has laid the groundwork for making films more accessible in their play store. However, because of the high expenses of video production, many app and game creators have yet to take this step. The use of video content is also a source of debate in terms of its impact on conversion rates. Promotional videos are a key feature of every app page. If handled and performed appropriately, this alone will be a deal-breaker.

With the huge changes in the app market, we expect that (App Store Optimization) ASO for games will be strengthened in the years to come.

Changes in Google and Apple that will have an impact on your ASO

This App Store Optimization trend becomes increasingly clearer when you consider the new tools that Apple and Google are offering to assist developers in migrating to their ecosystems.

Subscriptions and IAPs will receive increased exposure on App Stores in 2021. Furthermore, several App Categories have been updated, providing greater potential for ASO for games development. These are facts that alter how games ASO affect your growth rates.

In addition, Google has stated that they will include more quality signals in future versions of the Play Store search engines.

Google defines Quality Signals as all aspects (text, keywords, comments, score, etc.) that influence the search rank algorithm, but especially the Android Vitals, which reflect how reliable and well-performing your app is.

With the development of 5G and new gadgets such as smartwatches, we may expect certain changes in App Stores in 2021 that will make ASO even more essential than it is now.

With all these changes, we may speculate that ASO for games will become a more important consideration in the upcoming years and beyond.

In this article, we defined the ASO for games foundations and shown why, if you are trying to expand your applications and games, ASO is not an area you should neglect.

Again, industry insiders estimate that ASO accounts for 60% of all downloads. That is a sizable market. In addition, changes in the in-app advertising ecosystem make ASO more appealing to indie developers.

If you are a games developer, you may find yourself in the position of improving your ASO for games techniques, balancing your Keyword Optimization and Conversion Optimization goals, and aligning your UA efforts with your App Store Page.

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  • On any given day or month, how many people use your app?

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As you try new techniques to increase your user retention rate, you’ll probably discover even more ways to do so. The more you understand your user base and their habits, the easier it will be to keep them playing your mobile game.

You must first create a professional app to keep people entertained and engaged. Through our portfolio of professional tools and services, these recommendations will assist offer your mobile game the best chance of attracting and retaining users.

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